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Recently, one United States judge ruled that Gucci can bring proceedin

Recently, one United States judge ruled that Gucci can bring proceedings, accusing Guess clothing retailer company without their permission, in selling its imitation. Gucci (top) and Guess (continued) Gucci sneakers (top) and Guess (continued) sneakers. Back in May 2009, this Italy luxury goods company has been accused of trying to Guess the product it series "Gucci", wallets, belts, shoes and other goods for sale are the Gucci design copied or imitated. womens nike free 3.0 v4Gucci was founded in 1921, which is headquartered in France under PPP Group brand, Gucci is only prosecuted the so-called imitators from one of the luxury-goods company. United States District Judge Sheila-shiendelin said that Gucci can continue to claim that Guess 4 designed to cause so-called violations: red and green stripes, text, logo, style square-shaped bite-g, and 4 g.

She said, Guess introduced designed to confuse, full of malice, draw the inference is reasonable. And Gucci have provided evidence supporting 4 g designs in actual confusion has arisen in the purchaser. Gucci also claimed that g's trademark design suffered a fadenike free run womens, a judge dismissed the charges, said the lack of evidence. Guess a lawyer was requested to comment on the matter, and he did not immediately respond. Guess argues "intentional fraud" cannot talk about, and sales of their products also do not confuse shoppers audio-visual or tarnish the reputation of Gucci. Gucci's lawyer also declined to make any comment. Law officer's view, said Gucci Guess and other defendants should compensate its loss of us $ 26 million, this represents "reasonable royalties" by Gucci loss experts calculated the amount. Experts estimate the total profits of the defendant violated more than $ 98 million.

JS launch Teddy Bear series has always been sexual and I have very high, while in 2012 in autumn and winter, new styles of Teddy Bear will also be on sale. We bring you detailed pictures of the child-friendly version. Among the JS series in 2012 in autumn and winter, elements must have flowers that appear most frequently, estimated from the upper body, wearing JS and EASON before we can see the signs. New Teddy Bear Cubs originally monochrome by adding numerous different colors size flower pattern. With the monochrome version, actually on the harness needs to consider many, and such bold eye-catching colors, can not necessarily be acceptable to all. JS launch Teddy Bear series of children's version

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