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e or two drops of vinegar, not only make shoes

3 maintenance ladies love to wear white shoes White leather shoes, leather toe and heel cut regular. How to care for white shoes? Is very simple, you can use import corrector in places cut or scrape the skin and spread evenly dry after basically will be able to return to normal. Bright lasting tips shoes shoes need to oil it regularly to light, in fact, if when you shoe, shoe polish on one or two drops of vinegar, not only make shoes, shiny bright, and lasting shine. There are wrinkles much rub some oil, tip and followed by the less you will need to apply some before, with a CAP after playing it again, wipe with cloth several times, and then brush up on the line. How to use shoe Polish shoe shoes time will let some people are fed up with shoe  womens nike air rift   Polish. Alternative to Polish a lot, not only smell fresh and clean, and wipe out effect is no worse than shoe Polish, such as banana skins. Take a few slices of banana skins, and use it to wipe the leather shoes, leather cleaning

Clean as new, because banana peels contain tannins, tannin can remove grease. Shoes cracked what shoes dry out, what will happen? Place leftover milk or milk for a few days do not fall, Ekimae shining shoes and other leather products with it to prevent the leather dry. Very bright to get shoes, shoe polish on the drop in di water, old shoes coat floor wax after the oil, and then Polish with a soft cloth, light anomalies, old shoes, new shoes. And maintenance of light colored shoes color shoes can easily soiled, wipe shoes, wipe first with lemon juice or toothpaste and shoe will look like new.
8, shoes combine old stockings or old wool socks, save clippings on shoe brush, dipped in Polish shoes, shoes can be very bright. , How to restore leather original shoes during long term storage, leather leather fiber in Vienna easy hair dry and brittle, shrinkage of the sole, then

Can not be used to hard wear, to brush a layer of water on the soles, shoes after every other day will naturally stretch and bounce back. In addition, the shoes lack of maintenance for a long time to clean oil, shoes, fat loss, will be stiff. Then coated a layer where dry forest, stay absorption zhihou again wipe shoe Polish, leather on will variable soft, if leather too dry, do cannot hard wear, best take a chicken oil or pig fat, repeatedly wipe wipe, again with gently roast about, makes grease infiltration into leather in, had two days with alcohol  womens nike lunarglide 5   cotton balls will shoes wipe NET, again Shang a layer shoe Polish, uppers on very rich gloss, soft unabated has. Shoes with clothing changes, in the shape, color changing, more shoe styles for men, athletic shoes, casual shoes are also a unique style in shoes, shoes of family occupies one seat in so many varieties, it is important how clothing with good, shoes and outfits generally adhere to the following several points:

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