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rely on with shop growth, but by stores

Rate factors, an increase of 8%. Magang said, domestic sports brand of market most in two or three line city, sales of growth not rely on with shop growth, but by stores number of quickly expansion, in international financial crisis of impact Xia, even a stores sales reduced, new opened stores of sales also can offset reduced of that part, so domestic brand performance growth of range this year half still considerable, some brand of sales can  toms classics shoes sale    compared with growth 20% around. With domestic sports brand adidas in a reduction in the performance increase has posed a threat to its position in the Chinese market. Analysis of the industry, sporting goods market in China in 2008, Nike has about 10 billion dollars revenue, adidas brand around 8 billion dollars income, Li-Ning brand, there are about 6 billion dollars income, Anta brand about 4 billion dollars income, because adidas's sales in China

Continued weakness in domestic brands still maintained two-digit growth, Li Ning's sales will probably exceed this year adidas, sit on the second place domestic brands. Li Ning believes that inventory is always a topic. Li Ning, the inventory is not inventory, but an entire industry inventory, nor even the industry's inventory, but the entire inventory of Chinese manufacturing. The past ten years, (sports) is growing very well, participants increased capital input in this regard, staff spend, and other resources to this sector, thus leading to excess. Because of overcapacity, so discounts are everyone had to take poison. Over time, I believe that both our company and in the industry will Digest stock. Chinese or are lack of supplies in the past, when Chinese people's living standard improved, markets will have greater purchasing power.

It seems Li Ning from the era of shortage into an era of excess. Excess is not to say that all requirements have been met, this demand, you can make it into an upgrade. A sports hall into the kitchen in the past, when casual toms womens shoes uk   clothes to wear. But now have begun to subdivide. According to different movements, different ages, different areas have different functional requirements of the product, and some need functional, needs culture, some need practical, in fact, the needs of these segments have no real satisfaction. Catch up with Nike and adidas has been the target of Li Ning. Now, the distance had not narrowed. Li Ning, where the gap between Nike and adidas? Brand marketing expert Ding Ju-Chang From through the analysis of the consumer's position can be seen, first of all, is to reduce the role of the brand. Li-Ning brand, a high point in the year 2008.

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