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we are in a word: information flow


That apparently can make production and marketing more efficient and significantly reducing inventory risk. Academic says, this is the MRP procurement procurement of paradigm shift from VMI. But such a pattern within a short period hard to shape, because there were too many difficulties, we are in a word: information flow, capital flow and circulation of materials three discordant. Although it looks very difficult, but a bright future is really vibram five fingers sale    tempting, so many label executives at retail (the terminal information in real time through the various links of the supply chain, it generates positive synergy) business model transformation. Direct, clearly is the fastest to achieve information through forms. Extended direct in order to speed up the supply chain? Time is not yet ripe for direct sales and distribution, have respective advantages and disadvantages, and which one is better not jump to conclusions. But said from the speed of information flow, direct marketing is more dominant. For nearly two years, and two major sporting-goods giant Nike and adidas are strongly

Advancing its own direct marketing business, has reached 16% per cent of Nike's direct-sale business, adidas high, over 23%. But it is worth mentioning that, two brands, direct marketing business in the Chinese market share were lower than other parts of the world. Visible on the Chinese market, Belle, Po-sheng, large distributors such as Ruili remains the industry leader. We think, straight camp at least can to supply chain accelerated brings following several points benefits: 1. feedback more directly and quickly; 2. through face consumers, brand commercial can more accurate to grasp market, then more effective to arrangements production; 3. straight camp business of carried out can on ordering, and logistics, and shop select, and personnel management, all links up to exercise role; 4. straight camp can established better of brand image (flagship shop, and concept shop), also can more fast to clear inventory (discount shop, and factory shop). Li-Ning is the highest proportion in Chinese sports brand direct (22%), which could make its supply chain to accelerate much more smoothly.

Due to huge investment and enterprise operation and management capacity requirements are high, direct-sale business challenges has always been sports brands, and apart from Li Ning,, other domestic brands in this respect is still at the trial stage, tiny per cent of turnover. Direct-sale business growth will be a long-term process, and supply chain to accelerate is a medium-term strategy for dealing with the industry crisis, so expect business growth to accelerated supply chain may not be realistic, collaborative relationships with distributors more efficiently is the key. In the eyes of many industry analysts, Li Ning, Anta's growth is higher than, the main reason is that Anta dealers team train most of himself, there is a high degree  vibram five fingers cheap of loyalty and easy to control. We might be able to understand more obedient distributors, supply chain response more quickly. 2008, 2009, channel renewal projects aim Addy is here, when it cut a lot of difficult to manage distributors, dealers supports a number of more cooperation.

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