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Section 2 minutes and 20 seconds after the game, Irwin Courie substituted, but just less than 2 minutes later, Krzyzewski will again state the odd hot Irvine replaced it, though soon after and got back on the field, but its status is seen in the coach's trust. Before the 2 minutes 01 second, Treasury managed to convert three attack points to break the scoring drought, then used two free throws put the 2 points. United States team acquires a 67-41 lead in the first half, second half of the match was less competitive after Irwin added two three-sits,     men's mizuno wave prophecy 2 running shoes   then comes up again, that waste more time at point guard was held by Courie. Throughout the game, the Library 7 shots are all outside the three-point line, but only 2 hits, naturally, Irwin's 6-for-6 pale in comparison, but in the Warriors team-mate Thompson have 5 2. this contest is all over, actually not only on data are better than Thompson, bigger role on the pitch.

Zinedine Zidane is now coaching the Real Madrid b-team, current performance is poor, but Qi Zu for your future as a coach was still full of optimism. Meanwhile, compatriot Karim Benzema for the crisis, Zidane still expressed its full support. After a start to the season, Real Madrid's achievement is very bad, many of the current players have been criticized and the team have a inseparable relationship, such as j-Lo, and Karim Benzema. French seems to   cheap nike air force 1 low   be external display nerve knife of his Super quality, this has left many fans began to anger the Club this summer, why not introduce Falcao, similarly, Karim Benzema, gossip of the fans won't trouble him. Who own the little fellow, and strongly support the qidaneiyiran: "Benzema know that others expected of him, Real Madrid is a great team, and fans for the team's players have very high expectations is a very normal thing. I believe that in the future, he will change, he won't be so weak, this will surely usher in a resurgence. ”

For their coaching situation, Qi Zu is expressing optimism, even though his team had just completed a 3 game losing streak: "I don't regret having to coach Real Madrid b-team, in fact I would like to build a capacity sufficient to meet serie a team. "Qi Zu says:" before I do and now I follow Carlo Ancelotti has done is  nike lunarelite sky hi discount   completely different, but I'm really enjoying coaching time. When I had a chance to go to Bordeaux to coach, but I decided to choose Real Madrid b-team. "Before the three-game losing streak was forced to raise the subject, to Qi Zu said:" I prefer to wait and after the win, our luck so far this season is not very good, but I am confident the team will be better. ”

Summer window closed Qian was real Madrid abandoned of di Maria, joined United opener Burnley on show surplus high of fighting, although not brush have beautiful data, but has let van Gaal and at Old Trafford hold barges quite satisfaction; stay Angel and United run-in half months Hou, first in Dream Theatre made game of Angel great will premier September best pocketed of meaning: 3 round no WINS of United face also lost not up of Queens Park Rangers (QPR), di Maria first with a remember in the distance Super Precision free kick broken stiff, zhihou and assists Mata (micro Bo data ) Score.

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