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nike tiempo legend v cheap participate in the tournament

Historically, the two teams had played many times, of which euro Lithuania 6 WINS and 4 losses, only previous European Championship is played twice, tournament Lithuania to a 76:62 win, but lost 66:80 in the finals. Olympic Games,  cheap nike magista opus fg    they have been fighting twice, with each victory, the last Olympic Games in London is the France team will win. And during the World Cup (the World Championships) in history, both sides only had played in 2010, when Lithuania's 55:69 defeat France.

For the France team, this competition, missing the masters, Star Parker, and generals, NOAA, and decreased overall strength, Batum was the team's highest-paid player. Yesterday's match full of twists, first to France briefly ahead of the first match,   cheap adidas 11pro trx fg   with Lithuania opened fire outside their go-ahead score, end of section III. Fourth quarter Lithuania attack used, France team to regain the lead. With 16 seconds left, Lithuania team to 85:86, then the game becomes free throw competition, France edged two points advantage.

The third place battle until the last minute would be hard to win, recalled after the match, France coach Collet still haunt, "the last 15 seconds of feeling as long as 15. "Although star Tony Parker did not   nike tiempo legend v cheap   participate in the tournament, but he kept the team," Parker called me every day, can send text messages to me. "Had the highest score of 27 points and Batum said," he watched our every move, and he said he is proud. "Captain Christian Dior," said Parker was really satisfied with our performance on the field. ”

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