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MelaPower 6x Detergent - 96-load, Fresh Scent

  • Just 15 mL cleans a whole load of laundry
  • Rinse Guard™ keeps dirt from redepositing on clothes
  • No caustic chemicals or unnecessary fillers
  • pH-neutral, as gentle on clothes as tap water
  • Concentrated to save money and reduce plastic waste
  • Size: 1.42 L

    Regular Price: $29.00
    Preferred Customer Price: $19.99
    Savings: $9.01

    Laundry never ends. There will always be another load to throw in. More dirt and stains to wash away. So it’s pretty frustrating when you always seem to be running out of laundry detergent.

    That’s just one good reason to switch to MelaPower 6x laundry detergent. With an ultra-concentrated, environmentally friendly formula, MelaPower 6x gives you 6 times more loads of pure cleaning power in every small bottle compared to up to 90 mL per wash load of the leading brands. You won’t have to worry about running out any time soon. You’ll spend less money on a basic monthly expense. You’ll throw away less plastic. You’ll provide your family with clean, bright, and fresh laundry in every load. And you’ll have a clean conscience, knowing you’re bringing no caustic chemicals into your home and washing machine. You really can have all that in a single detergent. Here’s how:

    Cleans Messes in Just One Wash

    MelaPower 6x has the cleaning power to get out even tough messes like Catalina® dressing in just one wash.

    More Cleaning Power in Every Drop

    What do the big competitor bottles have that MelaPower 6x hasn’t? Answer: extra water. When you buy 2x concentrated detergents, you’re paying a premium for bottled water and bigger packaging. With MelaPower 6x, you’re paying for highly concentrated cleaning power, and you let your washing machine add the water for you.

    Keeps Dirt from Resettling on Clothes

    If your detergent can’t keep dirt from resettling on your clothes, they can just get duller and dingier. With its proprietary Rinse Guard formula, MelaPower 6x keeps dirt away from clothes until it’s rinsed away, letting colors and whites stay bright and vibrant wash after wash.

    Safer for Your Home

    If you use caustic chemicals on your family’s clothes, they’ll wear out sooner. MelaPower 6x uses no caustic chemicals. Instead, the naturally derived MelaPower 6x formula is pH-neutral and as gentle on clothes as tap water. Use MelaPower 6x on any machine-washable fabrics.

    Saves You Plenty of Money

    With more loads per bottle than 2x Ultra Tide, MelaPower 6x can save you up to $16 over buying one of the most well-known national brands.† What’s more, because MelaPower 6x works in cold water, you save even more in energy costs.

    Saves Plenty of Plastic

    If every Melaleuca customer in North America switched to MelaPower 6x, we could save about 1.2 million pounds of plastic each year—that’s the equivalent of 800 million laundry baskets.

    Reusable and Recyclable

    Thanks to its ultra-concentrated formula and smaller bottle size, MelaPower 6x simply means you’ll use less plastic. For example, our reusable drain-back caps and pumps only measure out 15 mL at a time. Compare that to the larger, disposable cap for Tide® laundry detergent, sized to dole out 45 to 60 mL or more for each load

  • MelaPower 6x Detergent - 96-load, Fresh Scent
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