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Welcome to Oh Hunny♥

Welcome to Oh Hunny
We provide the most popular celebrities' favorite False Eyelashes.
100% Handmade Imported from Taiwan.

Guaranteed softer and more realistic close to human eyelashes than the ones from drugstore!! 

SO COMFORTABLE that you won't even feel it's existents when you wear them!! 

A box comes with 10 pairs of False Eyelashes 
That's only $2 a pair!!
They are all reusable up to 5~7+ times (Depending on your cleaning and maintenance) 

Most popular 7 Series False Eyelashes ~711, 712, 715, 720, 728

歡迎來到Oh Hunny


百分之百純手工 軟梗舒適好配戴 

優良品質 讓您買的放心 用的安心 

多種選擇 一盒十對 只要價加幣二十元整!!!

一對睫毛才相等於兩塊錢 比在任何藥妝店都來的便宜划算~

品質高貴價錢不貴 ~~


最受歡迎的7系列 :

甜美侯佩岑, 動人林志玲, 鄰家季芹,名媛孫芸芸, 全方位天后蔡依林 
還有眾多名人造型師 Kevin老師, 游斯琪老師等愛用之假睫毛系列 通通在這裡!!!!

711 - 侯佩岑款

712 - 林志玲款

715 - 孫芸芸款

720 - 蔡依林款

728 - 夜店派對耀眼款(名媛孫芸芸參加時尚派對必備)



Please visit/join/contact our Facebook group: 


如有任何疑問 請去我們的網站留言或寫email給我們 J

If you have any question about the products please leave your msg @ FB. 

or send us an emailJ 




7系新款 Lash728 
夜店派對耀眼款 時尚派對必備! 連名媛也愛不釋手!!!

Must have for clubbing/party/fashion/glamorous nightlife style!

A box comes with 10 pairs false eyelashes.
Welcome to Oh Hunny♥
Welcome to Oh Hunny♥
Welcome to Oh Hunny♥
Welcome to Oh Hunny♥

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