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Welcome to my List!I LOVE COACH! and my list is for others of you who also love COACH! Basically, all my bags are Brand New, and with tags!Some are given as giftsI have too much and I need to sell themWhenever I enter a Coach store, I go crazy and everything is bought impulsively So here, I need to get rid of themAll bags will be given to you with the original boxes! :)____________________________________________________________________________________________________My Rules: (1) No Refunds or exchanges, its too much of a hassle(2) When we meet, you NEED to buy the item, I don't do try-ons, showings, or else you need to pay me $5(3) No haggling when we meet :)Hope I'm not asking for too much____________________________________________________________________________________________________Happy ShoppingDon't hesitate to email, contact me for more information! :)
Number of Items: 2
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Location: 100% Authentic Coach Items, BC Canada
Created on: April 5, 2010 22:46:49 PDT
Last update: 12 years ago
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1 100% Authentic Coach Purse 100% Authentic Coach PurseLast update: 12 years ago $400.00
Available 1
2 100% BRAND NEW and AUTHENTIC PINK COACH BAG 100% BRAND NEW and AUTHENTIC PINK COACH BAGLast update: 12 years ago $300.00
Available 1