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March 31 to April 6


Pan Xiaoting answer surprisingly , she thought to myself now , it may be a little harder billiards , because the car she was not yet fully understood , some of the difficulties and the pursuit of speed is concerned, he has not so deep understanding. "If it was 15 years ago for a game of pool before me, may choose to race , because I was small I would very  womens nike free run 2much like speed ." This year's tournament on the basis of a comprehensive upgrade of the previous , up from the previous 40 players who to 68 people, from March 31 to April 6 , there will be including Ding Junhui , including 10 Chinese players, as well as many international famous Robinson , Selby , etc. to attack the champion. Competition will be in the field for the first time using the LED screen, the site layout into the " Yuxi " , "imperial List" and other Chinese elements. Moreover, the total prize money tournament also increased to £ 478,000 . Judging from the signing table

3 /4, where there are many strong opponents Ding Junhui . The first round and second round opponent opponents Astley Thai Chaiya star tower is not " punches " , even if it can smoothly pass, Ding Junhui in the third round , you may experience "witches ," Higgins  nike free run 3 womens, this will be an uphill battle . If through this off, Ding Junhui and Marco Fu is expected to compete for a semi-final places in the quarter-finals , while guarding the 4 /4, British players Selby is another strong contender for the bottom half of the semi-finals . Because Allen and Maguire out of the race , Robertson from 1 /4, where the breakout is not difficult, and high popularity in China Trump wants to reach the semifinals , may encounter strong blocking Murphy .

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