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These are black color slip-on, for easy removal and take off, full grain high quality leather shoes with rubberized height increase soles. These height increase slip-on shoes will add an extra 3.8 inches to your height, yet still look like a pair of normal shoes. Their lightweight design, built-in leather lining and extra padded give comfort for all day wear.

These height increase insoles are made for "high profile" footwear i.e. high top chucks and 6 inches timberlands. Thus, make sure you got plenty room in your shoes since they won't fit in "low profile" shoes such as a low top sneaker. However, you can deceive them by detaching some of the compartments to make it in a low top shoe it just won't be all 2.5 inches. These elevator shoe insoles seem to be made from partly cheap plastic but will feel fine on flat feet after a couple of days in concrete floors and does add the inches as advertised. Be noticed, these height lifting inserts are not six packs instead these are 6 pieces of rubber in each order (3 pieces per foot) and these might be not suitable for individual with small feet since they need large and roomy pair of shoes to accommodate well.

There are times when you being shorter, wish to be tall but you are helpless and cannot do anything about it. Shoes agents Research has found that shorter people have a conscious feeling and low self-confidence because of the lack of height. They always wish to have few inch taller and some of them even use supplements in-order to achieve it. The height increase shoe insoles are the best available alternative that will add a couple of inches to ones height. Weight is something that one can easily increase but when it comes to height, high sole shoes can be the best option. If you want to proxy shoes, please join us at:

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