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PAX 08 Poster Exclusive - Fallout 3 Illustrated by Gabe

This is a PAX 2008 Exclusive poster that was specially illustrated by Gabe from Penny Arcade.

Features the main character AKA Puppet Man from the mini comic series set in the Fallout universe, called Vault 77, written by the Penny Arcade duo. As you can also see, he's also accompanied by the infamous puppet featured in the comic, of which real puppets were also given out that year at PAX (but I missed out on getting one unfortunately).

It was never used but however it suffered water damage on one edge, which caused it to stick to itself, hence the rip you see in the image. It still looks great though, and could probably still be salvaged if that ripped edge was trimmed off, OR you could rip the rest of that side to give it that edgy post-apocalyptic look to it.

This is a pretty rare poster and I have not been able to find any for sale around...but I am selling it for a lower price as it is considerably damaged.


NOTE: I do also have a poster that is in great shape with no tears, though it is currently hanging on our wall. We used a poster hanger to hold the poster (kind of like those wallscroll hangers) so there is no damage to the poster through pinholes, tape, etc. If you are interested in the other poster that is in better shape, please feel free to make your offer - though do note that I'm only willing to sell for the right price as we're still kind of attached to it.

PAX 08 Poster Exclusive - Fallout 3 Illustrated by Gabe
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