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Fisher Price - Little People - Fun Sounds Train

The World of Little People Fun Sounds Train is a toddler train with 4 engaging "gateway" destinations to explore. Each "gateway" supports connectibilty of the World of Little People Farm, World of Little People Garage and World of Little People House, transitioning toddlers from train play to playset play on the Farm, at the Garage or home to the House. There are fun sound effects all around the track. At the station hear fun train sounds. Traveler's can hop aboard and head to the "House Gate", "Farm Gate" or "City Gate". Each feature hands-on surprise action, "gate" styling consistent with key World of Little People Playsets, and sounds familiar to each of these destinations. Farm gate features spinning windmill with removable corn stalk and rooster crow sound effects; House gateway features removable lamp light, blue bird revealed when bird house is pressed, and a sweet song-bird tune; City gate features vehicle sounds, moving toll gate and removable street light. Includes three cars and four Little People Figures. 3 "AA" Not Included

Fisher Price - Little People - Fun Sounds Train
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