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Get Premium Fraud Detection Tools from Ping Call to Safeguard your Sal

Recently, phone scams with fraudsters claiming to be from Apple Support center duped 1000s of people. The callers claimed to the users that their iCloud accounts have been compromised. 

Such is the intricacy of the Internet. Phone Call scams are hurting the business of Small and medium-sized companies that rely on localized calls to attract leads. Thankfully, PingCall has sourced the industry's best Fraud Detection Tools and software to ensure 100% protected pay-per-call leads.

Free Fraud detection Tools to help you create Long lasting Customer Relationships

Ping Call is a pay-per-call lead service that relies on an extensive network of affiliates, advertisers, and publishers. The network provides Click to Call ads and directs them to the right audience using an AI-led system. The Calls then generate high conversions and overall satisfaction for the stakeholders.

  1. Tools to better provide the Call source Analytics

  2. Multilayered authentication system to reduce the practice of identity theft

  3. Voice biometric system to enable users and sales callers to be aware of each other’s identity

  4. Massive database of precise data to help callers take the right steps in fraud management and assist customers in data security

All of this and more with Ping Call’s pay per call lead generation solution. Get Callers that understand the hard work you put into your business every day. Find 100% real and verified customers today with Ping Call. So for more call us@+1-(855) 239-7670 or visit at website:

Get Premium Fraud Detection Tools from Ping Call to Safeguard your Sal
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