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Double eyelid tape for monolid (70pairs/pack) STICKY!

Probably one of the stickiest double eyelid tape on the market. You can actually train your saggy lids/monolids to double eye lids! Apply it for 2-3 hours (or sooner) and take them off! Your double eye lids can last for the whole day! Yup they are that sticky! No one will find out you had your double eyelid tapes on just two hours ago! Or you can leave them on for the whole day and train your eye lids to become double eyelids sooner with this helpful, eyelid support tool! One applicator included! 70 pairs of double eyelid tapes per pack (10 x 7 sheets). Cleanse your eyelid to rid of oil before application.

1. Breathable 3M tape. 
2. Waterproof and does not fall off easily. STICKY!
3. Transparent. Makeup can be apply on top of the tape.
Double eyelid tape for monolid (70pairs/pack) STICKY!
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