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additives may contain "hexavalent chromium."Anxiety about quality of d

genetic defects, may cause cancer by inhalation, lasting danger to the environment. Leather in the production process, "hexavalent chromium" comes primarily in two areas: one is the leather industry and tanning process might produce "hexavalent chromium"; the second is leather material of particular additives may contain "hexavalent chromium."Anxiety about quality of domestic children's shoesNot just the export   nike air max tailwind 6 running shoes   of footwear products appeared "hexavalent chromium" exceeding the quality problems, there are patchy in the domestic market of children's shoes. It is understood that the recent Shanghai Municipal Bureau of quality and technical supervision on the part of Shanghai children's articles on sampling, sampling results showed that is a brand of children's shoes by sampling of wear resistance failed and hexavalent chromium standard, is a serious quality problem.

 2013 (2013 stores) in October, Xinhua (new China stores) reported that the Fujian Provincial trade and Industry Bureau of circulation of children's shoes in the province product quality inspection, "a branded kids" products, sampling fail in 2012, Shaanxi Provincial Bureau of quality and technical supervision sampling part of the shoe to be unqualified products due to "help end of Peel strength is not enough."In addition, more recent, quality supervision departments in Zhejiang province to Wenzhou, Lishui, Jinhua and other 3 District 50 spot checks companies 50 batches of children's shoes products, results showed that Guo Xi Xiao Xin Batong shoe factory, ouhai, Wenzhou, Zhejiang Zhejiang Shun footwear shoes, double Bell units, such as the production of 17 batches of children's shoes is not eligible batch failure rates of 34%. Products are not eligible

 projects focused on hexavalent chromium, formaldehyde, wear resistance, and other projects. Some poor quality children's nike air max direct review   shoes has a strong pungent odor, excessive formaldehyde and so on.Enterprises should be strict quality controlIn order to make China shoes successfully entering the EU market, exporters should not only concern about the importer of "chrome" limited requirements, but also to express warranties, adjust the tanning process to ensure product quality.Insiders said the shoe exporters should prompt attention to different countries of importation to the "chrome" limited differences in requirements, particularly in Germany, and France, and Italy, and Spain and other countries to demand higher, limited to 3ppm. Meanwhile, exporters to source control, strengthen the management of suppliers, not free to purchase raw materials from non-qualifying

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