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promote the transformation and upgrading of"Jie Fang nan footwear dist

 Fang South District, according to the average daily volume of 1.4 million calculations, electric bike, electric car need to be operating illegally each day more than five such cars for more than 20,000 vehicles, including rickshaws. They put great pressure on surrounding traffic, security and so on, these will not only increase the difficulty the city administration, a greater cost.How to move?"Relocation" can promote the transformation   nike air max 95 360 cheap    and upgrading of"Jie Fang nan footwear district" is mainly composed of the leading enterprises of Guangzhou leather footwear shoe Guangzhou City, Wenzhou Chamber of Commerce member of the Chamber of Commerce and member of the Council unit. Two associations have reached a consensus after repeated communication and formed article of the proposal, said the Government relocation of Jie Fang nan professional market is very understanding and support, and recommends that the Government take the lead to set up Nan footwear industries relocation of CCP, Liberation group group is made up of three parties: the

representatives of government departments, trade associations, to undertake marketing representatives.In the recommendations, currently available in four shoe market in Guangzhou, Jie Fang nan footwear market is the only main own brand footwear market, Guangzhou City, trade associations therefore  nike air max 95 360 for sale    strongly urged the Government to liberate South footwear market moving as a starting point. The recommendations proposed, Jie Fang nan footwear market moves will have a significant affect the overall development of footwear market in Guangzhou, if done properly, will promote the transformation and upgrading of the footwear market, moving into new markets through trade associations hold together to strive for greater rent concessions, the relocation of businesses appealing (attractive stores).Moved to where?Sai Wan Road wealth heaven square can takePress enquiries:The no Mong Kok but cheaper logistics warehousing is more convenientGuangzhou leather shoes, representatives of trade associations and chambers of Commerce in Wenzhou

shoe industry branch of Guangzhou City, recently conducted a survey on the Guangzhou market analysis, according to Guangzhou mainly footwear professional market: Guang Zhou da DAO (Avenue stores) South South China shoes city, Huan Shi Xi Road, Shijing town, Baiyun district, the majority Western shoes shoe town and the world of wealth Plaza, West Bay Road. But South China shoes city, station West shoe and the shoe has been established for many years, market is mature and saturated, to relocate businesses without any appeal, but cannot undertake Nan shoe industry such a large number of businessmen of CCP, liberation.Only opened in August 2013 is located at 150th West Bay Road, liwan district, Guangzhou City, Guangzhou wealth heaven square can cope. Guangzhou leather shoe industry Chamber of Commerce and wealth of Earth square is mainly responsible to negotiate a number of communication, has agreed to concourse a, b, d, the world of wealth, such as one or two regional transformation, transformed the entire area can accommodate about

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