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the missions, tactfully asked reporters to go to the market or Chamber

the missions, tactfully asked reporters to go to the market or Chamber of Commerce.Insiders also told c, but a secondary tenant. First tenants of 20 square meters per month rent at around 15,000 dollars, secondhand tenants but hands may be 70,000 ~8 million, even up to 100,000 yuan, the landlords collected 60,000   nike air max tailwind 6 on sale    monthly income of ~8 million, so they are willing to relocate Recently, due to China's export of France and Spain contained in children's shoes, "hexavalent chromium" standard, substandard quality products being given forced withdrawal from the EU market. In this regard, industry insiders said, exporters should prompt attention to importing countries to "hexavalent chromium" limited requirements, clear quality assurance provisions adjusting the tanning process to ensure product quality.Chinese shoe exports to Europe faced heavy metals testRecently, the Chinese export of France and Spain's four children's shoes were ordering mandatory withdrawal

from the EU market, because these shoes contain "hexavalent chromium", and suffered quality Chinese shoe exports to Europe. In order for Chinese footwear exporters ' products to smooth entry into the EU market, industry sources said, exporters should not only concern about the importer of "chrome" limited requirements, but also to express warranties, adjust the tanning process to ensure product quality.Exports of children's shoes, nike air max plus tn for sale   "hexavalent chromium" standardRecently, EU non-food class fast warning system (RAPEX) on China produced of export France and Spain of four paragraph child shoes issued consumers warned, warned causes are is because child shoes in the by containing "six price chrome" exceeded, which a paragraph child shoes exceeded up to 100ppm, is France, and Spain, national on "six price chrome" provides Supreme limited 3ppm of 33 times times, above four paragraph child shoes are has was restrictions forced withdrawal market.According to media reports, on March 26 this year, European Commission amended annex 17 of the

 REACH regulations, imported leather products of hexavalent chromium (ⅵ) content limit in 3ppm, which is three out of 10,000. New regulations will come into force on May 1, 2015. Earlier, the EU countries, only Germany clothing, straps, bags, neck pouches and leather sofas, chairs, toys and ban on hexavalent chromium content of no more than 3ppm, while other EU Member States at present requirements for hexavalent chromium is controlled at 1000ppm, more than 333 times the distance between the two times. In addition, the more concern is that by 2014 in the standard Oeko-Tex100 version of eco-textiles, hexavalent chromium requirement for eco-textile <0.5ppm, limited edition of heavy metal chromium in leather 10ppm.This reporter learned that, "hexavalent chromium" is a poison ingestion/inhalation, in contact with skin can cause allergies, more likely to be caused by inherited

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