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well-known professional markets, there is a wealth of professional exp

over more than 2000 businesses.See reporters yesterday in the world of wealth Plaza, Mong Kok, the business climate is not, however, have moved into merchant told reporters, and Liberation of the South compared to 120 Yuan a month rent per square meter warehouse, West Bay Road, cheaper storage, price 30~40 Yuan, if zengcha road farther away, cheapest rent per square meter per month is only 25 dollars. Tongde Wai end   nike air max direct running shoes   of the viaduct opened, and discrepancies in the nearest access to the Northern line and the Airport Express line, the goods without having to walk through downtown, visiting the North are convenient.Parties to undertake:Will be given preferential treatment in the form of rentAs the undertaking party, told reporters yesterday the head of GZI wealth world, commercial gross floor area of 266,000 square meters, can be an area of 180,000 square meters, the existing 2,600 parking spaces. The parent company of GZI real estate, successful operations, including the white horse clothing market for the more

well-known professional markets, there is a wealth of professional experience in marketing management, and wealth heaven square fire and other hardware facilities, while also providing warehousing, logistics and distribution, business services, tax, finance, catering and entertainment services.The official said, nike air max classic bw white   as the State-owned group, total support of the Guangzhou Municipal Government, upgrading of the professional market, attracting yuexiu Nan shoe merchants settled in the process will be given preferential treatment in the form of rent, is currently developing relevant incentives.Resistance:Interest side barricades blocking merchant statementReporters learned that the Chamber of Commerce in May completed the Guangzhou Jie Fang nan footwear professional market relocation proposal of yuexiu district and submitted to the economic and Trade Bureau and the district Federation of industry and commerce. Sure is, upgrade of Jie Fang nan has become a mess of things, relocation of the Administration have not given a timetable, how to implement

 the relocation required further coordination. But the lang sentient beings I had parents who do not oppose relocation plan called for the relocation of businesses when someone is deliberately placing obstacles. Insiders who didn't want to be named told reporters that the makeshift market, Yue Xiu Road South to business owners is the relocation of the market interest, played a negative role in the relocation process. Saw a business wanted to early calls for relocation of businesses, frequently off hire on the spot, and some even threatening, so most businesses on the move did not dare to say anything more. Sure enough, yesterday in liberating the South City shoe city walk in a circle, businessmen surveyed more than more than more than 10 families, when asked about the move, regardless of whether the Wan Road merchants were reluctant to comment on

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