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The 67th minute Lionel Messi scored a goal

Sprint out front and 1 to the penalty area, no one dares to lightly dressed, after tweaking, Macy's left-foot low shot in a 4 people like ball shot to the right corner. This is typical Macy's goal, turning on the ball, get rid of and adjustment, shot in one fell swoop. Lionel Messi as "brain-dead fans", former England star Gary Lineker in Barcelona regrets: Messi playing football and running just like ... ... Macy 's! The return of the King! Describing Lionel Messi the best vocabulary does not fancy adjectives, but "Messi". In early  2014 converse all star   2013, the Spain's Royal language Academy of Spain dictionary, included new words Inmessionante, is designed to describe Messi was brilliant, always surprising, endless progress, as well as the best ever position. The 67th minute Lionel Messi scored a goal, Alves right crosses, Macy's left-footed ball actually appear lost

Error, the ball hit each other on the back foot. But Messi quickly and immediately right to get the ball back, the entire defense in Elche are staring at Macy 's, 4 guard a font line. But in the eyes of Lionel Messi, it's useless. Messi taking mincing little lateral adjustment, and passed two defenders after, between the 3rd and 4th guards caught, fired artillery shells aimed at the lower-left corner of the goal. 3-0, Lionel Messi completed a brace. The daily sports newspaper reviews, Messi's shot accuracy is horrible, as appears to have been measured, is pointing to a single ball of course. This is Macy's 4 consecutive League opener two seasons he scored 245 goals in La Liga, from the top of Sarah (251) only 6 goals difference. A few races, 27, Messi will take up the history of La Liga top scorer on the throne. 9 years in Barcelona, Messi 101 2+;2014 years, Macy's total

With 22 League goals, first five major league in Europe, behind 2nd place yimobilai 8-ball! Messi's goal, such as routine, see Macy's changed, is his defensive attitude. Javier Mascherano was sent off in the first half, Barca but one is fighting for a long time, Messi has also been actively involved in the defense, flew back scoop at a time in the second half, 60,000 cheering people collectively won the Camp Nou, Lionel Messi, Messi's name constantly singing. 90 minutes, Messi scored 2-3 shots 2 shots on goal 3 key passes, 7 successful breakthrough, 4 have been violated. The defensive end, Macy's contribute 3 steals, second only to Busquets; Meanwhile Messi also had two turnovers, defense converse all star sale   was active. 78th-minute Andres Iniesta was substituted, Messi wore the captain's armband, 1th game of the new season, Messi demonstrated his sense of responsibility, it was Barcelona's greatest blessing. League game of the new season, Barca 3-0 easily beat Egypt

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