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and scored by Cristiano Ronaldo. Luka modric


Iron man, is always protected and Real Madrid beat to catch up. When Ronaldo took home a Golden Globe later in Zurich two weeks ago, Real Madrid played back-to-back on the road, this time finally turn the home match, Cristiano Ronaldo at the Bernabeu before 80,000 fans show off their Golden Globe trophy. Real Madrid fans are well suited each fan with a golden Strip, when Ronaldo emerged when the stadium, fans held up a golden Strip, Bernabéu soon became a golden sea. Myriad collection  adidas amberlight heel trainers   all rolled into one, Ronaldo and certainly does not live up to all your expectations. Until the 56th minute, Real Madrid's goals came, and scored by Cristiano Ronaldo. Luka modric out of the delicate short pass, Ronaldo on the edge of the area 3 defense in left-footed shot into the lower right corner. It's Ronaldo scored his 32nd goal for Real Madrid this season. Real Madrid widen in the 74th minute, Ronaldo sent direct, Marcelo cross from the left, unguarded Karim Benzema scored to push.

The game, Ronaldo had another started four hanging hooks, but goalkeeper fabulous it away from. Real Madrid in La Liga and the King's Cup and 9 in a row, and the last 7 consecutive games without conceding, created over 20 years, the longest record of not conceding. If these two days of international football's most annoying people, Buffon claimed the second, no one dares to say first. Red flag at home had collapsed and the flags floated outside, this is the first keeper position in today's world. Had just been wearing a Green Hat, he made a Boo-Boo on the pitch, with a red card ended Juve's record 12-game winning streak. Just two days ago, Italy site released a bomb, with Buffon first supermodel wife saileiduowa had an affair for seven years, goalkeeper and team-mate Andrea Pirlo's "divorce" is exactly the opposite of the plot. Outside distractions affect the to Gianluigi Buffon on the pitch to play. Battle between Juventus and Lazio's League

Only 24 minutes, Buffon tripped out a single pole of Miroslav Klose penalty + red card! Although Buffon kept the referees to explain their unintentionally, but referee completely ungrateful, Buffon had to take off the captain's armband, Dim and off. Roof leaking rain slants, Italy football for Gianluigi Buffon is one of compassion. However, under enormous public pressure saileiduowa has also finally been impatient. She toms black glitter shoes sale   published a Tweet to let reporters to "shut up". Twitter, she wrote: "I want all the ' friends ' are quieter, especially those ' revelations ', I do not need matrimonial lawyer. "Although in the battle with Watford in the FA Cup, Manchester City 4:2 won the game, but coach Manuel Pellegrini has left a malicious remark," If rules allow it, then after halftime I will debut all change! "Why peishuai are so Daihatsu

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