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protect the ankle structure. Its sole use of wear-resistant

r toes, lace up, your toes should not be tightly in front top in shoes, to have the right space, or long-term wear down easily broken toe. Willow buds, winter Jasmine drive. There's only a few days left to the Ching Ming Festival, cheap adidas originals  go outing, mountaineering became the choice of many people. Outdoor sports become more popular now, ordinary sneakers, have been unable to meet the demand for outdoor climbing, however, "selected climbing Mountain shoes?" This is a lot of common questions from the public. "Outdoor shoes into the Alpine series, low mountains, passing through several type series, walking and hiking series. "Outdoor sports-loving Liu Zhihu told reporters that people usually go to picnic, camping or to climb a flat mountain, selecting hiking can be a series of climbing shoes. The upper of this shoe is generally 12 cm, designed to protect the ankle structure. Its sole use of wear-resistant rubber, plus micro-porous rubber foam and double encryption, has very good resistance to shock, vibration, waterproof and slip resistant. Hiking shoes how to choose? " Climbing shoes size, be sure to leave room. "Liu Zhihu said, we usually buy shoes, always like to get fit, when outdoor sports, however, your feet will swell because of the campaign, if the shoes are too tight, not conducive to the relaxation of the muscles in the leg. So when you buy hiking boots, the best choice is slightly bigger. "Fasten laces and heel when closer to the rear, the front end slightly. "Liu Zhihu said" slightly larger "limits.

Many people would have felt that way: at the store to try on shoes fit very much, but buy it to wear it again, foot, traffic congestion occurs when the foot, hiking shoes, too. So before people, be sure to try on the run-in. From a professional point of view, climbing equipment, including emergency unit, emergency unit, backpacks, hiking boots, pants, vests, safety helmets, water bottles and more. If you climb a mountain and steep, it is estimated that you will need energy, so people better get ready for trekking poles. If using trekking poles while going uphill, it will save a lot of energy. When trying on the shoes is very comfortable, as everyone knows, buy a home just to wear while feet are broken; upright when shoe shopping, only to find the shoes squeeze your feet when wearing ... ... These shoes are probably because you try the right way. In fact, try shoes may wish to make a few moves, if both feet, very comfortable at this point, it means shoes are both good quality and fit. Upcoming wedding, when body clothing is in perfect condition, a pair of high heels often become the enemy of brides. Especially on leisure movement sent of bride were for, 7-8cm of high with, while let people its unbearable loveliness,, but a thought this a all day of "feet criminal" on how also laugh not out, new shoes mill feet do? here on for you help settlement wedding accident, big days to not let in let new shoes mill feet of thing again occurred, small series deliberately for numerous associate bride prepared of "heels escaped" of meter, together save you of double feet.

At least 50 paces. Try on don't go adidas originals sale   barefoot, wear cotton socks. While trying on two feet, pull a good zipper or tie a shoelace, and then stand up and move around for a while, you want to give your feet plenty of time to feel whether shoes fit, preferably more than 50 steps, if there are obvious but this feeling of foot and toe, then shoes don't suit you. If you have a hard material, you can choose a slightly larger size, should not only look beautiful and select "shook zeros" heel, increasing the burden on the forefoot, causing new shoes foot pain. After the purchase, the bride may wear stockings at home every day for practice, the length of time determined by the tolerance of the foot. Upfront can wear thick socks and practice not only helps to protect the skin the feet, could create between shoes and feet more comfortable. Later you can wear silk stockings enhanced fit. Of course, no matter what kind of shoe, which means, spend a lot of time in contact with shoes is the key. If you don't mind your height, don't care routine ceremony, selected a pair of red shoes that not only liberates your feet, after the wedding can maximize for the bride are both aligned beautiful. Of course, deciding when you wear flat shoes cutscenes, in order to avoid audience members over these people may choose to cover your feet long gauze dress, a beautiful, healthy bride free Liberals.

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