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ushered in a new way. Marc Jacobs big shake-up

Conditions, it did not have specific figures. He went on to refer to, due to implementation of anti-corruption plans in the Mainland, so that people in a department store and sales decline in first-tier cities, some department stores increased percentage to compensate for the loss, expected future retail will continue under pressure, but two or three-tier cities were levelled and the future for conservative policy to open a shop. Fashion has always been unpredictable, today you fall, I immediately stepped  toms crochet wedges   on rise. Recently, the fashion eyes lock on the saibasidian·suer's body. The former CEO of Prada, Givenchy former CEO, ushered in a new way. Marc Jacobs big shake-up Mascherano put new Gan LVMH recently staged drama, announced a big shake-up of its Marc Jacobs brand, held by saibasidian·suer, now 45, Marc Jacobs's new CEO, come into effect on September 1. Nine months ago, our Mascherano left of Louis Vuitton

After the effort put in by his own eponymous brand. Then last year became the year of Marc Jacobs and elated, not only in the byline brand Marc by Marc Jacobs accessories of battle also achieved steady growth. Now, it's brand market value of nearly $ 1 billion. Sebastian will operate several new projects for the Marc Jacobs brand, including the strengthening of brands in the field of e-commerce operations, expansion in the United States retail chain, the expansion of footwear design chain, meanwhile, help prepare brands in preparation for the listing. It seems that Sebastian is a long way away. Now has the addition of such an able General, Marc Jacobs must be even more powerful. A badass is fashion, a fashion of the old Urchin, which two hackers will be in fashion a creative (creative boutiques) (creative boutiques). There is no doubt that

Executives at LVMH for the employment of the most promising and perhaps you will question why his Office? the unfathomed depths of the fashion world, superior skill, upper luck. Therefore, eyes glued to a saibasidian·suer body. He prized the LVMH group, not by looks, not scheming, but individual capabilities. Saibasidian·suer is a low profile, not proud of the stature and good looks, but absolutely presentable at work KPI. He in Prada group works hard to 11 years, in 11 years, he led the Prada aggressively captured the Asia-Pacific market, he also listed the first hero of Prada. Who is saibasidian·suer (Sebastian Suhl),  toms canvas shoes sale  Sebastian was born in 1969 in United States, New York, graduated from United States University of Colorado, one of the best public universities, with degrees in political science and economics, with the

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