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Government should guide enterprises towards the right marketing

form will help dealers clear inventory. ”Policy guidance is the keyYuan Wenxin, enterprise is profit, if there is no certain Guide, easy development of enterprises lacking self-discipline is not suitable, "when I bought the land, construction of standard factory building, as a result of government guidance. Government   salomon speedcross 3 discount   should guide enterprises towards the right marketing and development mode, no Government and no enterprise; enterprise development should follow the Government policy, the Government does not set up the stage, companies cannot act in an opera. ”Zhejiang Province, vigorously promote "machine substitutions" in sport has also become a key item. "In the past more than a production line to more than 70 employees, after swapping the advanced machines, mature work taken over by machines, a production line need only 7 workers. "Yuan Wenxin said.Sports currently

 has 6 production lines, one line will be replaced by a machine workers do most of the mature link. Visual effect other lines cheap adidas climacool ride  after the "machine changes."Benefit from the usual accumulation of "1?14" fire will sport the production doesn't make much of an impact quickly through the security implications of screening and resumed production.However, Yuan Wenxin also reflecting on why it happened during the day and fire consumes 16 lives. "All businesses to wenling of reflection, because most of the security measures are not in place, employers, employees ' lack of safety awareness. "1?14" fire forces firms to rethink the issue. Now that the Government has introduced specific policies, enterprises must upgrade policy. ”"Neighboring Wenzhou people will hold together, like hugs but wenling people is another character, who wants to be a boss, skilled, self-sufficient would be nice. "Yuan Wenxin was worried about such business style will form a very large number of" low and small, scattered "enterprises," cheap low-quality and competitive exclusion

the talents; seriously hurts the regional brands of shoes in wenling city; to be "low and small, scattered" enterprises merged into large ones, into joint-stock will be better, that require policy guidance. Jinjiang why cowsIn the early 80, synthetic leather shoes and Jinjiang plastic sandal is famous for its shoe industry is mainly dominated by family workshops, extensive production and management methods, market inefficiency. Today, has become the country's major shoe making base in Jinjiang and sneakers in the production base in the world, existing footwear production more than more than 3,000 enterprises, employing more than 380,000 people, annual output of 950 million pairs of shoes, sports shoes and sneakers 20% of 40% of the country's total output, the world production, the global average for every 12 persons had Jinjiang shoes.Nissan men fashion

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