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industry get such fast development, Jinjiang, and Government

footwear international brand also has laid a solid foundation.Policy support advantageJinjiang footwear industry get such fast development, Jinjiang, and Government support are inextricably linked. In 2006, the construction of Jinjiang River covers an area of 192 hectares, with a total area of 190,000 square meters, standard cheap adidas f50 adizero fg  shop 2162 "China shoes city." In order to facilitate the healthy development of Jinjiang footwear, chendai Jinjiang Government support the development of shoes material market and a series of preferential policies. Specific measures are, in the city of Jinjiang Government funding for footwear free storefront for lease back, and then leasing them back at a lower price the enterprise. During 2008, in order to solve the problem of financing, so that small and medium enterprises out of difficulties as soon as possible, Jinjiang guarantee corporation

 was established, and help the development of small shoe enterprises, showing the Jinjiang Government attaches nike magista opus fg cheap  to the shoe industry and concern. HC shoe network on April 14, from ash to new balance, sneakers this round of fashion were a little baffling, how long it can actually fire?An unprecedented wave of movement is sweeping the world of fashion.If baseball jacket sundress to basketball before the epidemic is just moving elements are used in clothing design results in, well, Chanel and Christian Dior models who wore sneakers on the press conference in the spring and summer of 2014 series show couture is a disruptive revolution. It means sneakers has become the top fashion items, rather than people on a rainy or too lazy to dress before going out only when random choices.Now, in Crawford's stylist's eyes, most popular ride is wearing the Givenchy jacket, under

 Alexander Wang dress, equipped with a pair of new balance running shoes.Yes, maybe you've noticed, new balance retro shoes suddenly appeared at the foot of numerous young fashion, also frequently appeared in the street or a fashion magazine. This has always boasted he was "President of running shoes" brand seems to be almost overnight from politicians and the professional marathon runner equipment into a surge.Company, based in United States Boston sneaker brand is not a listed company, so any specific sales figures unknown. But according to a person close to new balance said in 2012 and 2013, the new balance was doubling sales in China.Surge in sales in the past 2 years, new balance management in China felt "happiness happening too suddenly." Because, before the trend was detonated, they seem to have done nothing.The popular path to explore new balance, have to travel

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