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the shelf when Hong Kong's Lane Crawford, people's reaction to it seem

 from another Italy shoe brand ash said.In 2007, the current luxury global brand procurement shangpin network Vice President Winnie foon is Lane Crawford buyer. She and her colleagues first ash shoes on the shelf when Hong Kong's Lane Crawford, people's reaction to it seems tepid.In fact, since the designer Patrick lither ash  adidas energy boost 2 cheap   since its inception in 2000, it fared in the global markets has been so. Until 2010, Patrick lither designed the first total transformation – the slope until the wedge sneakers sneakers into ash in the past 10 years the most popular style, and since then it has become the iconic products of the ash."High heels that people chose, I guess because it can bring confidence to every woman. After shoes, everyone hopes he can have a beautiful and attractive lines of the height. What I did was combine this ethic and comfort, to better conform

to the LOHAS leisure trends. "Patrick lither said.In ash's parent company, Highline, marketing manager of China Su He should be recalled, Wong and Kelly star starts wearing ash wedges often appear in front of the camera is the 2012 thing, that Ash has been widely recognized in the Chinese market.It is worth mentioning that these star Ash wedges are not at the foot of the sponsorship from the brand. "Wedges shoes especially for not dominant height of Asian women. "The reason for Asian stars favor this kind of unconventional design, adidas tech super 2.0 sale  Winnie foon told reporters, analysts say.Price is another popular reason. A pair of regular priced ash wedges shoes can cost around 2000 RMB, if a discount and usually can buy just over 1000 Yuan, less than the price of a pair of big high heels. Whether you need to wear high heels working days or a weekend shopping and leisure mix, a pair of ash shoes are satisfactory, without the need to change your wardrobe all over again.Patrick lither's greatest contribution was that he broke the traditional framework of

 sneakers--emphasizes functionality and comfort rather than a sense of fashion. Ash is not only in professional sports put a wedge soles. You can see in the ash shoes Leopard print, stitching, rivets, and other fashion elements, color naturally fashion each season.Since 2012 ash wedges shoes since the sudden popularity, this design was copied by the increasing number of brands--Marc Jacob and John Galliano has introduced a wedge design athletic shoes, Lian Baili and shoe brands like Joy &peace also follow the trend of rolled out a similar style of shoe.At this point, you may feel about the popular new balance slightly--more fashion sneakers, more elaborately."What's happened is, buy Marc Jacob Ash or pair of sneakers to wear trendy enough, but if you want to show tasteful look, or buy a real pair of sneakers is better. "A Crawford stylists said.In all professional sports, most marketing is like Nike and adidas, but ended up never spokesmen are rarely advertised on television waves of new balance is selected.5 years ago, mast baggy pants

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