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This summer's Confederations Cup, Liverpool has three players participated in the tournament, namely Leonard, Suarez and Coutts, which currently in Australia join the team in Melbourne, after ending his trip to Australia, following large units to come to Thailand. Whether in Australia is Thailand, alone, all the fans have not seen, he is Reina, Spain goalkeeper, why not show it? United Kingdom media answer the daily mail, Reina is close to a move,new balance 1400 uk it did not meet up with the other players just yet, in Fleet Street terms, Spain goalkeeper currently in Italy, accept the examination of Serie a club Napoli, this is even confirmed by the Club bosses, meaning that Reina transfer was imminent. "Gonzalo higuain and Pepe Reina has already passed our examination, soon to join our team. "In Italy on July 24, local time, Gonzalo higuain and Pepe Reina weilasituerte sports hospital in Rome after the examination is complete, Napoli boss delaolundisi announced on his Twitter. United Kingdom media disclosure of the daily mail, Leonard joined in Naples is not a permanent move, the three parties merely entered into a lease agreement and contract for one season, in Fleet Street, did not disclose the deal contract details, such as whether there is a right of first refusal. Reina was leaving Anfield, the reason for this is the Liverpool manager Rogers trust enough for him, so before transfer 9 million pounds to sign migenuolaite.


Ever since the summer of 2005 to join Anfield, Reina at Liverpool as the main goalkeeper of eight years, during which three Premier League Golden glove, new balance 1500 sale but with the falling into the State in recent years, and was loaned to Napoli, which is seen as Spain goalkeeper left Liverpool in a first step. Leonard one step ahead, another of Soares in the Confederations Cup in Liverpool now days are not much, United Kingdom the major media headlines have said Suarez will be finalized in the next 48 hours home, quite possibly at Highbury. Liverpool may feel that retaining Suarez was less likely, start interviewing to take Uruguay player striker, Su Shen's successor is likely to be Spain internationals Solda.


United Kingdom media according to the mirror, Valencia, Soldado set up a transfer deadline, prior to August 3, any club can be funded its buyout, over this period, Spain internationals will be not for sale, the deal, Liverpool and Tottenham Hotspur are now actively operating. Previously, in Solda more of scramble in the, spurs leading, on in North London ball will to 22 million pounds signed Xia Qian Real Madrid killer Shi, Liverpool see Suarez lose of situation Xia, again on Soldado launched has attack, according to Liverpool quotes reached has amazing of 26 million pounds, this full over has Valencia on Spain internationals 25 million pounds of bottom line, if quotes is real of, Liverpool signed Xia Soldado cinch.

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