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The mirror newspaper disclosed today, Suarez told them that after he wanted to join arsenal, Liverpool, admitted for the first time Suarez can move. Rogers has given this Uruguay striker price tag of 50 million pounds. Yesterday, arsenal with 40 million bid of +1 pounds to buy Su-teeth, Liverpool rejected the offer immediately, Liverpool United States boss Henry wrote on Twitter: "I don't know what arsenal are smoke bombs. new balance 574 women "Suarez has now been told he can and the gunmen approached, however, the mirror also believes that arsenal are not out of the 50 million pound acquisition of Suarez. In yesterday's warm-up game against Suarez assists for teammates for the second ball, but his teammates did not congratulate and show facial expression, that could imply that he is about to say goodbye to Liverpool. It is reported that Suarez will Rogers showdown today, Liverpool insisted that 40 million pounds to break the gold doesn't mean they have to sell Su Ya. Arsenal is also concerned that the forthcoming sell buy Suarez Real Madrid out in the middle of Puerto Iguazu. While arsenal are going to Mario Soares, 150,000 pounds a week contract for up to 5 years.


Arsenal with Liverpool continue to consume, as well as other players will step up acquisitions. According to mirror reported under latest message, arsenal may will again consider introduced Ashley-Williams, because as future defense injuries serious, kesiqieerni, new balance 580 uk and weiermalun, and Mongolian Ray Asia, are has injured, than Lee Asia people and Spain people also will missed new season gambit of some game, so Wenger think, even Ashley-Williams has repeatedly said unintentionally left Swansea City, but now ought to again tries to will its introduced, and Shang season League Cup champion aspects of attitude is, can accept main Zhongwei dropped from the, Provided that the buyer pays the transfer fee of 10 million pounds. Another according to daily post under revealed, gervinho unlimited near transfer Rome, Serie a Giants bid 6.8 million pounds, arsenal asking price 8.6 million pounds, and Rome Manager Sabatini is has in London with arsenal senior has had talks, next week will for second round negotiations, will Rome aspects has may will made put Osvaldo as trading part of conditions, Red Wolf Regiment think this team strike too bloated, Osvaldo must quickly cleaning, and in Sabatini visit London during, he has to Spurs, and Fulham sell Osvaldo.


Suarez complained in an interview Liverpool unable to enter the Champions League, "Liverpool into the Champions League, which would affect the morale of any player, so I was suffering. Premier League standings a week, knowing that we didn't get a chance to win, it would be hard. "Subsequently, Soares spoke of 10-match ban and the relationship and coach at Rogers," I think being overweight 10-match ban, but I accept the decision. It destroyed my career. I'm not looking for a controversial person, but opponents always provoke me. So that I can make a comeback, I do have some challenges. I'm with Rogers without any problems. Involved in the dispute, I always receive an encouraging message, Liverpool fans are my effectiveness during the best part of England.
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