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Liverpool completed has this summer Qian tour game of first field game, 4-0 beat British methyl ball will Preston, despite obtained beat, but this field game of meaning does not in results Shang, but in players recovery Shang, at least can saw young players of that unit drive, certainly also let migenuolaite, and Aspas, and Alberto and keluotulei, new balance 670 sale four name new aid feel about wearing Shang Liverpool jerseys kick game of feels. United Kingdom media mirror in Liverpool begins after the end of analysis, Rogers ' team in the new season into the ranks rushed four, you also need to add three locations, namely, attacking midfielder, central defender and left-back, if these three locations could be strengthened, Liverpool have the chance of Champions League qualification. After the Miss Mkhitaryan, Liverpool's attacking midfielder has not much to choose, the mirror newspaper noted that Eriksson was a good option, Denmark player in the AJAX effects for many years, the past three seasons will help the team get the Dutch champions, quite well also in the Europa League on the field of play. However, Liverpool wanted to sign 21-year old Sven-Goran Eriksson will not be easy, as Denmark midfielder is worth 15 million pounds from top to bottom, considering Liverpool have signed four players and that there is no war in Europe next season, Rogers pockets have sufficient transfer funds, is still a big question, after all, the other location, Liverpool also needed foreign aid. In the fullback position, the mirror newspaper revealed that Liverpool eyeing Toby-aerdeweileierde.


As with Sven-Goran Eriksson, aerdeweileierde in the AJAX effects, aged 24, Belgium internationals, the mirror newspaper said that if Liverpool are to directly aerdeweileierde and Sven-Goran Eriksson, might get a discount, just 22 million pounds. Choice of left-back, new balance 990v3 sale the mirror newspaper said player Bertrand could join Chelsea at Anfield, the newspaper said after the return of Jose Mourinho, Chelsea's big makeover, this youth-produced by left-back at Stamford Bridge may be forced to leave Liverpool saw the opportunity going to sell. Although Bertrand and obscurity compared to Chelsea's other big name, but his past experience is legendary, little-known he play on the 2012 Champions League final!


If Liverpool can sign players, midfielder, central defender and left guard all three positions will be strengthened, however transfer fees are no small number, at least 30 million pounds. Meanwhile, the Liverpool striker Luis Suarez has asked, once again, reiterated his desire to want to play Champions League, hinted to leave Anfield. "If I get a very important offer, can make my career forward, I would consider it. Some clubs have asked about me, but I gave everything to my agent to do. For a hefty fine, I have nothing new. I always want to improve. This is the reason I left AJAX to Liverpool, but Liverpool needs to fight for seats in the Champions League.

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