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2012-13 season La Liga settles, but transfer with La Liga club battle has just kicked off, including the heavyweight star, womens new balance 996 Falco left the Iberian Peninsula, but there are a lot of powerful players to sign with the La Liga team. Following are the sports network and you review associated with La Liga club transfer news over the past week. Follow "linen Legion" won the King's Cup and European Super Cup champion, but not many kata·diyasi opportunities gained at the hands of Simone. Mr Diaz, 33 have entered late career, his compatriot Simone is not included in the plans for next season, Diaz, Diaz effectiveness five seasons of "the old master" Argentina Defender appreciated, hoping to repurchase Dias. Height between 2003-09 1.82-meter of Porfirio Díaz in altogether represented Argentina 12 appearances and scoring 1 goal.


International football tournament, France guest mengdeweiduo 0-1 century Stadium defeat against Uruguay, Suarez put on exterminating substitute appearances. new balance 999 sale Uruguay since 1966, first time in 47 years to beat France. Uruguay adjustments starting Cavagni partner up front, and Fran, Soares served as a substitute. France, effectiveness of Porto Defender Mangala first ushered in the age of 22 national team debut, Giroux starting Benzema as a substitute. France teams kick off. 42nd seconds, Paillette short waerbiaina the ball from 20 meters to blast out of the door. 10th minutes Uruguay missed a golden opportunity, Caceres got out of the corner of head-butt goal Forlan, the ball struck the beam along the higher. After 12 minutes, waerbuaina tried again and hit a high. On 19 minutes, teleimulina balls, and gourcuff hit higher than. After 21 minutes, waerbuaina pass, matuyidi left blast from 11 metres out of the restricted area. Paillette 24th minute long shots was pounced out by Muslera, Paillette tried again 3 minutes later and hit a ball firmly by Muslera get. 33rd minute Maxi-Pereira matuyidi abuses, eating a yellow card. The 35 minute, Uruguay defense out of a free kick after blunders, Paillette restricted area arc overhead volley a volley, the ball slightly higher. 38th minute France missed the regulation buzzer, accurate zhichuan Paillette, gourcuff single pole into the restricted area from 8 m tuishe, paixian Muslera magical fighting.


Second Uruguay team aggressively adjusted Costi, and Ernie Al Qurun, and Ramirez, and appearance change in Lugano, and Rios Suarez, and Lodero, and Fran. 50 minute, Maxi ball-Pereira, Suarez, restricted the right of small angle a volley to break, Uruguay-1-0 lead. After 56 minutes, Cavagni pass Suarez volley on the line of the closed area be gained by Mandanda. On 58 minutes, waerbuaina corner, head-butt goal out of kesiqieerni. France team replaced Lacazette, Gomis, replaced gourcuff, and Giroux. Foul thereafter Gaumy, kesiqieerni yellow. Sharp change in both competitions the last moment adjustments, France team Lacazette, Gila Valley, Grenier worth three substitute appearances play France debut, Uruguay also replaced Cavagni, Rodriguez. After 76 minutes, France substitute appearances Cabaille restricted area arc blast was pounced out by Muslera. Ramirez tries to hit a 82nd minute and Mandanda's reaching up to the ball. Eventually both sides not fighting, 1-0, Uruguay, after 47 years once again defeating France.
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