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Already Beckham for England's World Cup bid campaign, at the end of last year's World Cup draw ceremony, Beckham attended as  mizuno wave prophecy 3 canada guests, and Blatter during a good talk, also donated an autographed England shirts to Blatter's granddaughter, 7th. Beckham millions there are. Has been successfully helping after obtaining the right to host the 2012 Summer Olympic Games in London, Beckham again and fight for the World Cup. Former badminton star Xie xingfang (second from right) at the 16th Asian Games showcase volunteers at a ceremony the official uniform clothing. The same day, Sub-Committee issued the 16th Asian Games Guangzhou official uniform sports wear, comprises three categories: volunteers, staff uniforms and technical officers ' uniforms.Former tennis sexy goddess Anna Kournikova once again into the photographer's lens, the kuwadaxiu is not only your own sexy body, also has its own golden orange Hermes handbag. Tang Miao rehabilitation Foundation charity auction, has aroused great repercussions in society. Many caring people in Zhejiang have recruitment Hotline call love, offered to help Tang Miao and other people in need. It was even willing to put out their precious sports collectibles to offer a caring, so very movin And equally worried about this charity auction, along with Trapeze Liu Xiang of China.

Tomorrow, the race of the 2010 IAAF diamond League Shanghai railway station is about to begin, in addition to hundreds of metres outside Trapeze usain bolt, we are most concerned about is also apparently Trapeze performance of Liu Xiang, ChinaLow profile – this is Liu Xiang gave everyone the feeling at a press conference before the game. There are reports that, on Liu's foot injury there has been repeated, so the Shanghai race attitudes are conservative. However, according to reporters from the Shanghai Sports Development Foundation News, Liu himself is hoping to win this Championship, tennis shoes into the Hangzhou to win, fellow Tang miao's rehabilitation fund charity auction"We collected at auction has got, all promotional photos or something now, now down to Liu's signature sneakers. Yesterday, the reporter contacted public Roderick Woo, head of the Shanghai Sports Development Foundation, who is also head of Tang Miao auction, he told reporters that Liu Xiang's signature sneakers have not gotten, and no other cause of the accident. But because he has a little prayer – "is what this two-day IAAF diamond League, he told us that if the 23rd time well, he sent over the signature day game shoes as this charity auction at auction. ”

"Shoes on Monday. What he meant was mizuno wave prophecy 2 canada that if you can run well, or Championship, it means a quite special shoes for him, after all he's gone through injury-plagued. Roderick Woo, told reporters that sincerely help like Liu Xiang Tang Miao rehabilitation Foundation charity auction of sports stars have a lot, and enthusiastic subscribe lot more caring of the community"Today your report came out, Hangzhou has many loving people call Advisory auction. Hangzhou has one even says that he has a set of postcards autographed by IOC President Jacques Rogge, he hopes to Tang Miao rehabilitation Trust Fund as a charity auction, for doing something for the charity auction event held in Hangzhou. Mr Woo said, although until Monday and the final confirmation, but love Hangzhou passion has left a very deep impression on him-"very well. Charity auction that day we went to Hangzhou with Shanghai, a large number of caring members of the community, and Hangzhou is sure to be more caring of the community to participate in our activities, hoping to use the charitable activities more successfully. ”

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