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On April 25, Benson NBL Cinda determined in Shaanxi Province signed fo

On April 25, Benson NBL Cinda determined in Shaanxi Province signed foreign aid, but this is not the scoring we once knew Benson, but jisi·Bensen, the young eagles and the Warriors before the extension of validity, his arrival but also to replace could join in battle position. Jisi·Bensen was born in 1988, the 2.11-meter, is a mobility is a strong inside player.air jordan 7 uk In College played for the University of Auckland, last season averaging 17.9 points and 10.1 rebounds and 3.6 times the cover. 2011 participation in the NBA draft, and total the 48th pick in the second round selected by Atlanta Hawks. Later, coming to the Golden State Warriors, has earned three opportunities, are played only 3 minutes, last season, he played for the Moscow Central land forces, cut off 17 points. According to people familiar with, "said Benson, will arrive in Shanxi next Monday, should be signed, but yet to come next Monday.

Top of the 8th-ranked team in the regular season out of the playoffs the team, usually referred to as "eight black miracle." This is not happening, but for several decades in the history of the NBA, only appears 5 times in total. 25th the first round of the playoffs the 3rd, Eagles arena with 98:85 Lectra Pacers, with total score 2:1 lead. If momentum at this time, the Eagles could be the NBA's 6th show "eight black miracle" team. Eagles are "counter-attack" while the Pacers during the regular season ranked first in Eastern, although the Eagles are the only team in the playoffs teams of the regular season winning percentage of less than 50%, even though this is a group seems the most unlikely reverse against the attack... ... air jordan 13 ukBut when the Eagles with considerable advantages won after 25th of this game, all the impossible seems to have become possible. "Eagle" smelling "black eight wonders" flavor.

Pacers match most of the time lag, Eagles 12 three minutes watering the opponents have no will to fight, also put out Pacers distal reverse hopes. The last few seconds of the game, the game is not over yet, the Eagles bench was jubilant. In Atlanta, the home crowd happy singing: "overrated! Overrated! ”…… Judging from the current situation, the Pacers really seems to be overvalued. Their 3 Lord West, baoluo·qiaozhi and Eber combined with 32 points. George 12 minutes is hard to "all-star small forward" name match. We lost our opening match of the series, George said, if they can get early in the season, they were promising. However, his "assumption" has not been achieved up to now. On the current state of it, the Eagles even more promising.
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