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Saying qiongzesibian, the first two games, Mike Hale opinionated, dete

Saying qiongzesibian, the first two games, Mike Hale opinionated, determined not to sandwich the Ah, the intention is to "you can depend on the shooting cast me to death." Results have been voted in two consecutive games, and finally break puts McClaren on recognition of counselling, the game he uses twin towers, knocked Aldridge asked Acic to die. Intentions clear, Turkey man can limit Aldridge will be considered successful. , Of course, air jordan ukis not only the twin towers against Aldridge and rocket sandwich every now and then also be taken in the game, the attack is particularly apparent in section III, Acic low die hard shoulder, results when Aldridge turned and shot jumpers, Howard flew cover-bashing. Two defensive player in the League rulindadi, desperate defense, showing Otto for 40 +. Did hit on a seven inch rockets. But then again, back, today's first half, Aldridge feels cold, Acic anti-quite painful, only poor 2 points.

But wanted to "kill" the big striker is clearly impossible. Until the move fight again after you make adjustments, the rocket will suffer at this point,air jordan 3 uk Acic and lose a foul, Ah-two free throws, followed by Turkey and tuck a ruler, turn around jump shot by another 2 minutes. Howard has just completed storm buckles, Aldridge successful jump shot over there. Is the so-called associate into the jump shot, can still vote for the dead. Section III as a whole, every man Aldridge had recorded 10 minutes, very eye-catching. Fight to the distal segment, hardens his hand had risen and hit a tuck jump immediately returned fire, defensive end Lin's attack, was slapped down by him. Match up to a critical stage, Ah-certainly he first high jump shot hit, immediately successful lever cutting to the basket, two hit also produces foul, labeled as 2+1 attack.

Recorded only 2 minutes of the first half, to fight into the second half, he scored 19 points, and power is evident. Battle to overtime, Aldridge State power, line break built Parsons ' foul, third giant of the rocket down. After ensuring a leading pioneer in two free throws. A pioneer, aerdeliqiguang's performance is far from enough. Compared with the previously for 40 +, tuck the game "only" has recorded 23 points and 10 rebounds. From this perspective, if pioneer wants to take care of rocket's clearance, Aldridge would have to produce more impressive performances.
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