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sector first increased intellectual property propaganda efforts

 the protection of intellectual property rights. "Our market surveillance authority stakeholders, Haining city.Performance of four significant"This year, we have taken four major measures and achieved remarkable results. "According to introduced, in this three in initiatives in the, Henin market regulatory sector first increased intellectual property propaganda efforts, established market intellectual property protection publicity bar, will fake LV, and CHANEL, and PRADA zainei of 51 a global well-known brand of merchandise as ban into market of merchandise, and through media on typical violations intellectual property case be exposure, vans old skool suede mens sneaker  great to deter has trademark tort and not due competition violations, makes market operating households accept training Franco-Prussian education passengers reached more than 2,600 more passengers, Accounting for market management main body 58% of the total number of households.For selling fake and shoddy commodities is concentrated the luggage area, Haining market regulators and business people signed 2,499

intellectual responsibility, registration and luggage storage for the record, "through the registration, we've learned over more than 500 dealers luggage storage information, coverage of 100%. Total storage filing area of 3000 square meters. Dealers shop inside the market, logo, uniform wall identifies the registration, vans otw mens  facilitating subsequent classification regulation. ”In addition, the market regulator also conducts in Haining leather city market brand guidance station administrative guidance, guidance to establish the brand steering station trademark five-book management system responsibilities, work flow, and so on."In leather fashion flagship centers and stores, we have also strengthened the guidance, brand designer brand. "Henin market regulatory sector persons said, in established brand district intellectual property protection liaisons system in the, they also and 20 home

settled enterprise established has protection liaisons list, on brand merchant comes into play Qian, and admission Hou administrative guide, makes brand Enterprise Active participation Henin China leather annual brand annual awards award and leather logo Cup clothing design contest, activities, in whole leather city market set off build brand strong city of climax.Zhejiang only selected marketAccording to incomplete statistics, Henin China leather headquarters market now has has independent intellectual property of registered trademark 2,443 pieces, China famous trademark 2 pieces, China brand products 2 a, Zhejiang Province famous trademark 8 pieces, Zhejiang regional brand 1 a, Zhejiang brand products 7 a, jiaxing famous trademark 14 pieces, Haining famous trademark 8 pieces, and the "Snow Leopard", and "cast nu", and "Samsung", and "St NI", China really

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