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As a MOM of a 4 year old child, white-collar Ms

Matter of fact, was branded "tunnel shoes" still cheap "hole" shoes, when actually wearing some safety issues. White-collar Miss Lee told reporters that she buy the "baby shoes" shoes hard walk would have worn blisters, and sometimes there will be "embedded" feeling. Drivers master IP also said he purchased the canvas "tunnel shoes" ventilation was poor, always felt feet "greasy greasy." As a MOM of a 4 year old child, white-collar Ms Wu for her son to buy a pair of "holes" shoes, but she found out "hole  nike roshe run women's   shoes" edge than the average shoe width, your baby's reactions are slower than adults, wearing heels can easily be what steps stumbling. Mr Chu and the public found that "hole" shoes still have slip problems. "Tunnel shoes" while not afraid of water, but wear are easy to slip in the rain, especially some cheap products "not will grind". Special to note that when summer comes, many girls will be wearing shoes without heel straps behind the front look like Sandals to work, this shoe to wear long, luck loss had worn, let alone wear these shoes to negotiations on formal occasions. In addition, some risk in sitting out heel shoes, similar to half-shoes, or even just take off your shoes, are extremely bad, the reason is unknown speaks for itself. Formal shoes usually have laces shoelaces broke must be immediately changed, changing shoelaces with colors, do not it's different colors, different textures of laces, otherwise there will be beating on the feet. Laces to fasten. Some convenient no-tie, or whatever, Oh, so long ago, your love life will be greatly affected.

Qi Xiaoyan leather and footwear Research Institute researcher, told reporters in China, most of the shoes are placed around the training of chemical, coupled with the heel usually consist of two pieces of leather stitched heel and slight gaps between the shoes will be worn. A new pair of shoes is too small, or the leather hard, are likely to foot, it could hurt your tender skin. At this time, can use wet towels, coat with a little boiled water, deposited on the back of the heel on the crusty, based on material of high heels are different, using different time. And moist at the same time, gently rub the leather. About half an hour, you can. Unification of truly beautiful and comfortable, in fact, is a very difficult thing, invention itself does not meet the mechanics of high heels, she is deliberate in order to create a line the United States need to distort, so this is not comfortable creating such beauty, beauty and comfort that there are many who seek reunification is unlikely to do things. (Wear heels is essentially a stimulus to demand, not wanting this stimulation, they can wear flat shoes. ) But shall not act for a long time wearing high heels can cause some foot disease, cause some damage to the feet, over time make the foot deformation, contrary to the high heels in order to model the United States in the first place. To learn how to wear high heels, heels create for themselves a more enchanting charm, not choking because of wear, making yourself less attractive. Remember: "cheap nike free 4.0   mankind will not invent useless things to myself. "We cannot solve the unity of beautiful and comfortable, but with a little note is that you can prevent the occurrence of foot, eliminating those unnecessary problems from the high heels

"New shoes are most prone to foot in two places, one heel, one outside of the big toe. "The second Hospital of Beijing Chaoyang Li Yongjin said that" If the long-term foot shoes, easily lead to corns, Paronychia, eversion of the thumb and other diseases. "For example, Shoe heels, feet automatically move forward, and easy to live in the back. New high heels and also quite hard on the front, and feet are red and swollen, I wanted to cry all the time. People often wear short stockings, and some have already broken, so don't throw well, got a pair, respectively on the heels of the head, do not believe you try again, soft and fit, not feet. As if high raised platform boots, because contact with the ground is not responsive, you should pay attention to is in danger of falling. But because it looks casual sneakers to wear it when yo! It's very unsafe wear! After the whole foot cross on the land, lifting the heel. Leaning forward, the other a foot out of step. Because the bottom thickness, so the curvature of the sole is not big, way to go up and kind of like an elephant steps. Because of the high heel, to maintain stability, knees slightly bent. Songs to wear thick shoes to stay ahead in a straight line for an American attitude, a little bit of difficulty, then a straight line, maintained in two-thirds the width of the body can also accept

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