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MEIJI Amino Collagen Powder Can (200g)

MEIJI Amino Collagen Powder Can (200g)

Meiji Amino Collagen, the secret to stronger, smoother, more youthful looking skin that is good for bones and joints, too! One can = 28 days supply.

- Get refill packs (30 days' supply) for the same price and you get more collagen powder.
- Made from fish peptide collagen which is more easily absorbed than pig's collagen
- Low Fat (27 kcal per serving)
- Almost Tasteless, just add one spoonful for this to your favorite hot/cold drinks!
- Top-selling collagen product in Japan
- Significant effect on lighten scars, better skin tone and to reduce pimples

*Before you try any new health product, do consult your doctor if you have any concerns, particularly if you have kidney problems.

MEIJI Amino Collagen Powder Can (200g)
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