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Mountain a distinctive textiles and garments manufacturing corridor ha

the United States 50% 's market share, total project reaches the postpartum, the employment will reach more than 5,000 people, annual output of high retaining female underwear 500 million, annual production could reach 5 billion yuan, with annual profit of 1 billion yuan. At present, in the Blue Mountain a distinctive textiles and garments manufacturing corridor had been formally formed, Hong Kong Lihong, adidas energy boost 2 cheap   Zhuo Hua Sheng, Germany and Taiwan Yang textile and clothing as the leading wool knitting industrial clusters in Hunan province has become the largest export-oriented processing base of woolen knitting industry.Professional Business Park have a quick riseSpecialized merchants is a major feature, Yongzhou city, attracting investments. Recently, this reporter is located in economic development zone, Yongzhou, Qiyang kaisheng footwear saw more than 6,000 employees

working in dozens of plants in order, a new shoe city is emerging here. Yongzhou city, according to the Committee through a letter the staff, they Park industrial orientation, professional promotion, currently more than hundreds adidas tech super 2.0 sale   of textile and shoe-making industry in the city, with annual output value reaching 6 billion yuan, with annual profits of 300 million Yuan, annual exports of 1.2 billion yuan, clothing, shoes, textile production and exports ranks first in Hunan. In DAO, investing 20 billion yuan to build largest footwear production base in the South of Tai Ding Kun ? global shoe project has completed the first phase of investment, shoe size has reached an annual output of 40 million pairs., Yongzhou city, by letter Board Director told reporter, Yongzhou municipal municipal government Rob caught coastal industry turned enough of opportunities, vigorously Phoenix,

active undertake industry transfer project, introduced labor, and with to, more items offers policy, has built has 12 a industrial park and more than 2 million square meters standard plant, attract a large number of textile business shoes investment enterprise settled in; enterprise production gradually by processing to technology intensive type processing change, shoes industry manufacturing upgrade for international well-known brand generation workers, as nine XING shoes industry, and Kay Sheng shoes industry, and Hunan Granville shoes industry, has became Nike, and Well-known brands such as adidas, PUMA production base. Now that the billions of dollars of more than more than 20 textile and shoe.Hengyang City, met with Fujian Huafeng textile international group, frog Prince, Hong Kong, Guangdong Hua Hong real estate, Golden Court, Zhuo ying of Hong Kong clothing

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