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e-commerce is still just a clear inventory of "sewer", excessive relia

mainland sportswear brand in the future lies in this market transition practice skills, spread over declining international market of second-tier brands, two or three-tier cities in the Mainland and stabilize and   salomon speedcross 3 discount   expand their market share. Avoid face to face with international brands in first-tier cities. But he does not think the Chamber of Commerce is a solution to the problem of, because only through the destruction of traditional retail, cut away from the original share of the cake, but for brands, and e-commerce is still just a clear inventory of "sewer", excessive reliance on discounting to clear inventory at low prices will bring damage to the brand.Anta's owner believes that "quite a bit of business to thrive through previous lesson will appreciate just is not enough to fill a gap, innovations they are going, and avoid the path of homogenization.

”Research senior analyst Zhao 晞wen, Cinda international in Hong Kong believe that present circumstances are Hong Kong stocks in the sporting sector in the Mainland is still at rock bottom, although trends in inventories have gradually come down, but the dealer's new order is still not back to normal levels. Even if the stock drops, supply some control, brand differentiation, low operating margins continue to be mortally wounded, facing the mainland production costs increased at a slower, sporting goods unit can only continue to channel distributors "concessions". Recently, the Miz at a shopping mall in road and bridge for their children to buy   cheap adidas climacool ride  a pair of adidas shoes, but after less than two months time, this pair of gym shoes there is a quality problem.Ms King said she purchased this pair of sneakers on April 12, but on June 6, she found one of the shoes appeared

on the inside of the white plastic stripes drop phenomenon.Gold argued that adidas is world famous, their shoes by rights shouldn't be unglued this situation, she suspected, pair of sneakers that she purchased at the Mall are fake and shoddy products, and called the Mall "a one back." Ms King's doubt, Mall staff provides a range of adidas products, declarations, and promised her shoes is absolutely genuine, and she bought the shoes can also be sent for repair. But because the customs declaration does not explicitly purchase batch on goods and, to that end, Ms King has doubts about the authenticity and quality of the shoes have great.And shopping malls on how compensation dispute case, Miz would reflected this situation to the local consumer protection agencies. After passing through the consumer protection Commission staff to coordinate, the two sides reached an agreement:

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