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own professional sports. This position to a large extent derived from

 many years, the domestic brands want to catch up with the squaddies, but not without a chance."Li Ning", from professional seeking a breakthrough on"Li Ning" is a forerunner in technology research and development of domestic sports. Start at the beginning, Li Ning would be "Li Ning" defined as China's own professional sports. adidas zx flux womens   This position to a large extent derived from Li Ning himself a professional athlete's background. But after the Beijing Olympics, "Li Ning" position preference for youth and leisure, and professional drift away; "after the" road does not follow links, tragic performance forced the "Li Ning" shift is a return to professional "Li Ning" option. Li Ning said, Li Ning group will focus on basketball, running and badminton fields and focus on "Li Ning". Signing Wade, launched the "Wade's exclusive" basketball shoes, and longtime sponsor

 CBA League is "Li Ning" return to an important measure of specialization. In our view, "Li Ning" is most likely professional domestic sportswear brand, achieved a breakthrough of the brand, through a professional to restore the brand's awareness, and promote Terminal pickup in sales.Jinjiang brand choiceIn addition to Li Ning, adidas zx 750 sale  several other large Chinese sportswear brand from Jinjiang. Starting from OEM brand of Jinjiang, technology can be said to be birth defects. Although the brand has sponsored a number of professional athletes and teams, but low cost development is bound to the low technological content of the products. We see from Figure 1, Li Ning, Anta and spending on research and development is considerably ahead of other brands, xtep, peak and 361 degrees were less than 2% per cent of investment in research and development, peak and 361 °

 input before 2010 is less than 0.5%.At the beginning of 21st century, Jinjiang brand low price advantage and quickly take the low end of the market, but after the low-end market saturation to imitate the tonality of the brands and low prices to expand channels for the manner in which they do not think that following. How to seek a breakthrough?Anta has chosen specialization plus leisure parallel strategies. Increase the intensity of research and development on the one hand, offering some high-tech products, and through the sponsorship of NBA stars, the Chinese Olympic Committee, CBA and CUBA to highlight the professional tone; the other hand opens up life Anta sports products line, and opened the children's clothing business. For now, although Anta in terms of investment in research and development of larger efforts, but it is still lacking. Of course,

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