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NC generation" demonstration engineering yilai held of second field pr

sales also registered an increase of 5%. Overall gross profit margin rose 95 basis points to 57.55%, sportswear and footwear business operating gross margin increased by 120 and 260 basis points to 68.7% and 39.7%.In the first quarter of fiscal year 2014 3 May two thousand fourteen-two thousand fifteenths, cheap adidas f50 adizero fg  Belle footwear business 1.8% drop in same-store sales, sports and apparel business in same-store sales to grow by 15.3%. As May 31 of, group set Yu China domestic of straight camp retail dot net 425 between to 19,602 between, which 13,573 between for shoes class stores, remaining 6,029 between for movement, and clothing stores recently, Quanzhou Technology Council, and productivity promoting Center in Quanzhou economic and technological development zone held "black diamond smart industrial equipment" site promotion will, this is Quanzhou implementation

"NC generation"   nike magista opus fg cheap demonstration engineering yilai held of second field products promotion will, Main product is the black King Kong (Fujian) automation technology company independent research and development of robot flexible shoe shaping production lines. Recalling the first product launch featured products "one uppers" proprietary intelligent footwear production has become the equipment industry of Quanzhou with a direction.First independent smartDebut shoe lineImplementation, Quanzhou as "NC" mechanical products innovative demonstration projects, seminar organized by the afternoon of August 26 of the robots on display flexible shoe shaping production lines including automatic spray robot automatic shoe Polish, robot systems, automatic powder spraying machines.According to introduced, the line into has six axis robot and the controller,

and 3D visual data acquisition, and spray glue track automatically generated, advanced technology, change has traditional of artificial brush glue and the oven line composition, each article forming line can reduced 8~10 name brush glue skilled workers, daily of processing capacity reached 3000 double, and pre price only for European brand similar type equipment of one-third, about 2 million Yuan, is domestic completed of first Taiwan has independent intellectual property, and patent property of related products.Black Diamond (Fujian) Jue Xiaohong, Chairman of automation technology Corp introduces soles the robot automatic spray system from 2D image capture path generation to spray finish, the whole process takes about 6 seconds, "we are confident that once this machine on the market, would be disruptive to change the existing mode of production. "Jue Xiaohong said the


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