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manufacturing industry in the industrial transformation and upgrading

company plans to spend $ 20 million or 30 million Yuan for the next 3 years for technology and product development," NC "demonstration project with the help of, trying to make Black Diamond brand for growth for the  adidas energy boost 2 cheap   domestic shoe industry automation."CNC" GuideIntelligent equipment opportunityFootwear industry as a pillar industry of Quanzhou, needs the support of the equipment manufacturing industry in the industrial transformation and upgrading, and enterprises of Quanzhou was acutely aware of this. In addition to outside the black King Kong, Nan XING industry machinery co, Fujian Nanan by Rui electronic technology limited company independent research and development of "solar-upper flat knitting machine" was also autonomous intelligent shoe production in Quanzhou a new Member.Recently, in the United States, Europe, China, Hong Kong and other places of running

 shoes on the counter, adidas tech super 2.0 sale  one upper with seamless technology running shoe has quietly occupied the top end of the market center. After launching one upper running shoes in Nike's first, Anta, 361 ° Quanzhou shoe series one vamp shoes also available. But these manufacturers in production in Quanzhou or spending heavily on imported shoes, or is independently developed by domestic manufacturers in one upper."We were not the first one upper machine manufacturers in China, many peers have begun a revolution across borders, launched almost at the same time the respective machines. "South Star General Manager Zhang Ning said, to break in the intense competition, product innovation and quality will be the key to success. Southern Star teamed up wit electron, transverse electric control system is developed. Designers simply enter dimensions, designs and other information

 in the computer, the system will automatically generate a vamp's appearance, last edited through the system, it can be transmitted over the network directly to the upper machine.Bureau of Quanzhou science and technology stakeholders, as the "NC" deepens, future policies encouraging enterprises to use locally produced intelligent numerical control equipment, and will guide enterprises and manufacturers to jointly develop and promotes the development of Quanzhou brainpower industries as a whole. On September 3, a Quanzhou shoe companies and Baidu will share the research and development of intelligent digital products news has aroused widespread concern in the industry, it is understood that the first floor product, would be based on security intelligence in the field of children's shoes, is expected as soon as the end of the year hit the market. Digital intelligent

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