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shoes, open markets and then gradually open the market for men's shoes

 investor relations xiaoyiping said in an interview with reporters, shoe brand owned by Belle and the figure at the end of August to enter Japan market planned for Japan market opened 50 stores, hoping that the market will bring to the group 10 billion ~200 billion yen (about 613 million, ~12.26 million) in sales. nike sb eric koston 2 max cheap  Belle plans first in Japan sells for 15,000 ~2 million yen (about 919~1225 dollars) for women's shoes, open markets and then gradually open the market for men's shoes and sneakers.On August 27, the Staccato thought Cato in Tokyo (the store), first store opening celebration in AndazTokyo hotel, Staccato thought Cato Japan agent BaroqueJapan HiroyukiMurai, Chief Executive, said Staccato thought Cato the next 5 years will be in Japan to open 100 stores in the market, it is reported that next month, Tokyo and Nagoya, respectively 1 and 2 new stores

 will be opened.BaroqueJapan Baroque Japan apparel and accessories mainly in Asia engaged in the retail business, discount nike air revolution sky high   s Moussy, and Sly, RodeoCrowns, Shelter, and Black and Rienda etc Japan clothing brand's parent company. BaroqueJapan, formerly known as Fakedelic, the company employed the Moussy brand started in 2000 and opened its first stores Moussy. In 2007, the Fakedelic is CLSASunriseCapital,L.P. acquisition, renamed after the Baroque Baroque developed into 2012 income 59.8 billion yen, a total of 350 stores in the retail group.September 2013, Belle Pu Crown limited through its wholly-owned subsidiary for $ 93,963,022 (HK $ 732,911,572) from the Japan apparel retailers BaroqueJapan Baroque Japan company's largest shareholder CLSASunriseCapital,L.P. bought BaroqueJapan Baroque Japan's total issued and outstanding share capital of 31.96%. Belle-owner

of CDH investments, also acquired the BaroqueJapan Baroque Japan worth 23%.Belle said, through its wholly-owned subsidiaries into limited and Baroque Baroque set up a series of joint ventures, open up clothing and accessories business in China. Investment and the setting up of the joint venture's total investment will not exceed HK $ 924 million.Belle in the 2013 fiscal year ending December 31, 2013 profit was 4.4918 billion yuan, up 3.2% from 4.3523 billion yuan in fiscal 2012, a full year from fiscal year 2012 32.859 billion increase to 36.249 billion million. 61% footwear revenue increased to 21.045 billion yuan, but same-store sales growth to slow to 2% and included Nike Nike, adidas, adidas (adidas) and sportswear brands such as Converse converse agency business operations in the newly acquired BigStep promotion surge 18.3% to 13.971 billion yuan, with same-store

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