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Hung star, grams as domestic first home


As the original go-between and the project implementer, Hong-XING Xu Haiyun Polk brand management centre in the shed when pressed by reporters, constantly revealing details in project operation broke the news. States Athletic Shoe market in recent years, the average growth rate is higher than 30%, but the homogenization of products and brand image has been restricting the development of Chinese sports brand's largest "bottleneck". So,  womens nike air rift  except in market and the brand marketing Shang of constantly innovation breakthrough zhiwai, Hung star, grams as domestic first home to technology for led of movement brand, firmly Executive "technology leads" of development strategy, since established yilai always insisted technology innovation and products innovation fusion, continued improve products of technology content and enterprise of core competitiveness, then enhanced brand of value-added, formed brand district across, shaped out China movement brand specialization of new image.

In the past 2005, hongxing Polk has cooperated successfully with the CNSA, relying on the crowning achievement of China's space--the launch of the Shenzhou VI, three high-tech footwear which are representative of the special material on the launch silo, sneaker materials were first detected in space, completed performance test materials in a space environment. In the "technology leader" strategy under the guidance of hongxing Polk was launched in 2005 shocked the industry by "GDS damping system"; in early 2006 and was launched in, based on the original "GDS+ shock absorption system" that represents domestic sports shoes in terms of shock absorption of the most leading-edge technology, demonstrates the extraordinary scientific and technological innovation ability, get expert and sports fans were highly praised. In January 2006, hongxing Polk also cooperated successfully with the Chinese Academy of Sciences Institute, relying on the strong research institutions, technical and intellectual support, promoting China's sports shoe industry from "made in China" to "China's ' intelligence '".

Success in hand for the domestic movement of both brand provides independent research and development capacity and innovative design direction, which grew into international high-end brands as soon as possible. After 5 years of tireless efforts, "technology leads" of development strategy finally started, for Hung star, grams won has products and brand image Shang of huge breakthrough, March 2005, Hung star, grams became international Shang most authority of shoes class certification institutions United Kingdom SATRA of Member; September 2005, obtained "China brand" honors title, and success selected "China 500 best products", to over 1 billion yuan of brand value entered "China 500 most with value brand" ranks. In October 2005, hongxing Polk in Singapore listed on the main Board stocks hereinafter referred to as womens nike lunarglide 5 "China hongxing." China Quanzhou footwear brands in the overseas listing of the first company, "China hongxing" issuing widely sought after by investors, successfully raising funds of hundreds of millions of Yuan.

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