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Dreams of Cristiano Ronaldo once again ignited as the best player in history. In January this year's Golden Ball Award for the second time, and his agent, Mendes gives his encouragement of friends he made himself heard of the target. Real Madrid coming out of the locker room, said Ronaldo now wants 5 Golden Globes in order to surpass all previous records. In addition there are claims that Ronaldo now have changed a bit, new balance 1400 uk he does not have to relax and enjoy football like we did. Last season, Ronaldo watched Messi win the Golden Ball Award for the fourth time, so he had to derive pleasure from his incredible play. But the situation is different this season, are fighting again, he wants to make history. Ronaldo can't stand Wednesday he may miss Bayern Munich's Champions League semi-final first leg. He did not like the feeling of Real Madrid to leave he can still win the ball, don't like the idea that real play better without him (and this statement from Real Madrid defeat away from home after sangtandejingji began to appear in early 2011). In addition, Ronaldo also scored again in this season's Champions League, to surpass Lionel Messi and aertafeini create Ou Zhan's all-time record goalscorer in a single season. Truce after 3 weeks due to left knee injury, Ronaldo captained eager to once again lead the team.

On Wednesday, Real Madrid defeated Barcelona to win the King's Cup in Valencia's Mestalla Stadium. But on the way return to Madrid in the early morning the next day, Ronaldo looked not so happy. Although he is happy for Real Madrid to win the King's Cup, but he was also feeling sorry for himself for not participating. Real Madrid at Stamford Bridge after Ronaldo deliberately alienated the team's collective celebration, he also became teammate to mock objects. Just when Real Madrid team visiting the harvest goddess square to celebrate,new balance 1500 sale there are reports that Real Madrid President Florentino broke the silence, emphasized the importance of bale in an interview. Bell scored the winning shot for the title for Real Madrid, and with whom he is said to be Florentino AC up to players, this difference in treatment caused suspicion in the Real Madrid dressing room, which is a violation of the unwritten rules of the relationship between the player and the Club. When teammates wore black hats, sentiment is not very high when Cristiano Ronaldo, they remind him that Florentino from public speaking.

"Son of Florentino" refers to is the Bell in the Real Madrid dressing room. Ronaldo knows he is not a President's favorite player, so when he heard his teammates after he smiled helplessly. Physio on Ronaldo's injury was cautious. As Ronaldo's wound is not yet swelling, doctors said Wednesday he could not recover. But Ronaldo despite being such, he tried to use all means to let themselves in time for the Champions League. Not only did he turn to their personal doctors and physical therapists, also cooperating actively with experts from the Club. In order to recover as early as possible, he'd arranged every morning and afternoon to resume training. On Saturday, Ronaldo took to the training ground, in the ball for the first time after injuries. Sunday he was taking a training jump, turn and change many times to practice, in order to confirm their joint rehabilitation.
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