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The runways at the playoffs is not only a star player to compete, role players face the stage. Memphis Grizzlies to first-round game in the West for a visit to 111:105 over the Oklahoma City Thunder, they will thank the bench contribution You Deli the joining in the middle of the season played a crucial role, he left the echeng hero of a grizzly bear with a victory. Carruthers banned medicine before the start of the playoffs because of a mistake, new balance 670 sale the punishment was suspended 20 matches of the League, the Grizzlies, was a serious blow because Carruthers in the regular season has been a reliable substitute for Conley, Conley due to injuries even in the absence of that time, as a starting point guard, he had a very good performance. But he has suddenly been suspended before the thunder of war, this grizzly bear some unprepared, fortunately, they checked off season You Deli the veteran with this fully demonstrated its worth.

Thunder in the full back line had it's Brock, even though Conley is better are hardly less stopped Wei, in order to give Conley decompression, Grizzly bears need someone who can stand up on the PG line, the results You Deli did. In the first quarter after substitute appearances, You Deli showed a strong offensive, he used his offense to the Thunder defense made a great deal of trouble, Grizzly bears in the four sections of the General of the time, most of the time the pace and You Deli contributed immensely to the. When Conley during the next break,new balance 990v3 sale he ensured that his side's offensive backfield, which keep the Grizzly has stronger combat effectiveness. You Deli used to play for the Knicks this season, but he don't get enough opportunities in the team, teams are more likely to use Felton and pulijiaoni. For the future, You Deli reached a buyout agreement with the Knicks, and promptly signed the Grizzly, he was qualified to represent the Grizzlies play the playoffs, You Deli contracted with grizzly bear's salary is $ 359,000. You Deli for the 31-year old veteran, money is not the most important, and he is looking forward to have better chance of impact in the postseason.

Although joined grizzly bear after, You Deli gets chance to show not much, but he did not relax their demands remains hard for the opportunity to come along. Carruthers's ban makes You Deli a grizzly bear reserve point guard choice, today he delivered with Thunder clap and prove its worth, as a substitute, he became a key figure of the change the game situation. As substitute, You Deli only hit has 14 minutes, 8 voted 6 in the get 14 points, he of attack efficiency odd high, only not to 360,000 salary of he in today let West won hot Thunder is injured, he almost finished burst has thunder of substitute seats, fourth section once because he of hot feel, ash bear coach put Conley are long time put in bench seats Shang, You Deli excellent of runs and precision of shot, let Wei less meaningless in high out several levels of body is everywhere cast, You Deli once wonderful of anti-ran ball jumper hits, Wei man as a whole less out to no avail. Another substitute for Grizzly veteran Miller also played quite well, he shot back immediately after the Thunder ahead the fourth section three-pointers, and his goal for the Grizzlies ended up, let the Thunder again that year with the Miami Heat in the finals. Replacement and veteran is an indispensable factor in two of the playoffs, You Deli in this brilliant game play is proof of that, watching You Deli best performance, people can not help but think that the lyrics of "wild lily spring".
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