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English version recently Andrea Pirlo's autobiography, I think, therefore I am kicking the release, in the book he refers to in his career many untold stories, narrative style naturally, humorous. Among them, the mentioned Pirlo after the 2006 World Cup, he almost became a Real Madrid player, but eventually were to stay at AC balance trainers cheap The summer of 2006, we won the World Cup, life is like a drunk. I rode a bicycle traveling on Forte dei Marmi rather tranquil streets, when I ride to the beach, people have stopped and patted me on the back. They must have felt that World Cup final defeated France blew my brain, but they may not know who misses a very important point, literally I have are real people rather than AC Milan. In my mind, heart and soul, I think they are real Madrid player, I just had to sign a 5 year contract, salaries are world class.


AC Milan some of us do, got them into an awkward position, or at least hassle is related to them. After the World Cup Italy most popular topic is the match-fixing case, newspapers said we'll get into the Serie b, others say we would be fined for 15 minutes, new balance womens and then they start talking about we surrendered the trophy, and then erase the name of AC Milan Club fame book. During that time, I was beginning to suspect that might not be killed John Lennon, Chapman, but AC Milan's directors. Whole event very chaotic, nobody say clearly what AC Milan face punishment, especially me. One thing I can assure you that I will not be going to play serie b, so if I have to leave and will not be regarded as a traitor. If the Court really found, let players pay for the mistakes of some people, no way. Capello, Real Madrid head coach gave me a call at that time, followed by Baldini, Real Madrid's technical director. Almost all people want to call me, I just told my agent Ding Di left a message and let him figure out what AC Milan thoughts about all this. No, Milan, I was ready to come back to prepare for the Champions League qualifying match against Red Star Belgrade. When I got my agent on the phone, "don't come back at all, let me talk to Real Madrid. If you really want a change of environment in Viareggio, then go back home in Brescia. Remember to put the phone open, do not you may get a phone call for me.


Distance League end drawing near, some inter players discuss next season was also a major concern. According to the market-wide reports, cambiasso, Milito and veteran to leave the possibility of very large, handanuoweiqi and Kovacic is very likely to stay. Cambiasso of fate problem has been are very to sensitive, Argentina midfielder from 2004 joined team yilai has been are is absolute main, he and Zanetti as can said is team flag sexual of figures, but he after all also has 33 age has, this season of performance is ups and downs indefinite, he of runs capacity and intercept capacity than of peak times has has has obviously of declined, again plus Inter Milan has near Yu signed BA methyl of best midfielder Neilton, Argentina people of future is not determines. The market said: "cambiasso is still waiting for news of Inter Milan, but may have let him down this time.
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