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Along with AC Milan of five successive victories to come, not calm, but more intense emotions, Italy press, Club and coach Clarence Seedorf before further escalation of tensions. According to Sky sports news after 3-0 win over Livorno, Seedorf media has not changed in a good mood, when asked themselves whether, womens new balance 996 if AC Milan coach next season, Seedorf said: "I don't know, so you'll have to talk to the Club, I can't say to other people what's going on. "In Italy the media, Seedorf's comments, plus games during Galliani is always yin and calm face, attest to the current coaching situation is not good, but Galliani has already started reaching out to current Fiorentina coach Monte. "I just want to earn points as much as possible, I also tried to make some preparations for the new season. I do worry about their location? Then you should go and ask the Club. "Just when Seedorf ball to senior, the evening post it disclosure came up with a more specific message, the media in Milan said Berlusconi's attitude changed, like before, he is no longer behind Seedorf, now also gave clear support Netherlands people's thoughts. As a result, Galliani plans for change are likely to be supported by Berlusconi.


Currently, Montella was Adriano Galliani is most suitable in the eyes of new candidates, while another is a popular substitute Filippo balance 999 sale Askari told the famous broker marketing related question then was asked in an interview, he said: "fired Seedorf over the Allegri, who is signed to a multi-year contract. Clarence Seedorf after coaching, has obviously changed to AC Milan. "What about Montella? "Montella would come to Milan, his desire to recreate the red and black, the San Siro Stadium is now not allowed to make any mistakes. "Of course, Seedorf has no shortage of supporters, leading experts of Kutcher's own market-wide column praising Seedorf to help AC Milan to return to European football. But the daily sport has already mentioned the captain Montolivo destructive relationship with Clarence Seedorf and press sikongqieerdi on the layout of the newspaper Corriere della Sera referred to, "may be in choosing Montolivo problem, Seedorf was the situation now is very dangerous.


At home against Bologna, mired in relegation trouble, Juventus played some hard, but fortunately is that Juventus have bogeba, it was Frenchman shaking his foot long shots to help Juventus won a crucial victory. The 64th minute, Isla Beck biography, bogeba in front of 22 metres after a ball kicked directly to volley the ball into the lower left corner of the goal throughout all overbearing, Juventus with the goal 1-0 and got the game won. The match Juventus got his 17th victory of the home this season at home to keep straight WINS, which is a historic record, at Turin, broke the 1947-1948 serie a single-season home winning streak of the season. Smooth get 3 in this game also left Juventus in the League 4-wheel case still maintained a 8-point lead Rome, Serie a has no suspense, which also made Juventus settled down to prepare for the next Europa League semi-final with Benfica.
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