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except classic series, Vance some unique of products extension

Known as Board shoes of King of Vance in after for decades years of development Hou, its products line has development have is mature has, classic of series including Authentic, and professional skateboard shoes Era, and Old Skool, and Old Skool of high help paragraph SK8-Hi and a feet pedal of Slip-on and Half Cab, except classic series, Vance some unique of products extension, these extension are is established in classic series of based Shang be again design of, such as Vault extension, and California California extension, the classic extension, the Syndicate of skateboarding, surfing extension, the Pro nike free run 2 baratas mujer   Skate/skateboard spur leisure sports extension to extension, the OTW and Performance/, and so on. Today we want to introduce is a Syndicate of the skateboard, surf line, this extension is a subsidiary of Vance series of high-end, production of high-end skate shoes, limited channels available for sale. Shoe features a classic design with an advanced and sophisticated fabrics by hand, in terms of both aesthetics and functionality was brilliant.

The Syndicate asked Vance to well-known riders Neil Bender, creating a whole new series of co-branded footwear Vans Syndicate x Neil Bender joint series. The range includes Authentic Pro "s" and the Chukka Low WC "s". Authentic Pro "s" washed canvas material and hand-painted pattern of white on the midsole with Neil Bender as embellishment. Chukka Low WC "s" suede combines washed canvas produced and used Vans classic end of WaffleCup Hua Fu technology, wear resistance strong, more  nike air max 1 baratas  suitable for skateboarding, and old processing for our high quality, vintage shoes. Currently known Authentic Pro "s" price: RMB 635, and the Chukka Low WC "s", priced at RMB 595, this joint range of prices are slightly high, Nike casual shoes we buy is higher than usual, but its uniqueness is very strong. Two designated has landed the big Vans Syndicate shoes store: Shanghai Fly road, nike air max 90 baratas   Changle road, Jing an district, No. 704; blue extreme skateboard shop in Beijing, Wan VILLAGE at SanLiTun road, Chaoyang District, 19th floor S4-28 in the Southern District.

So many types of sports shoes, which one do you prefer, NB shoes are known for their retro lounge, is based on the popular extreme sports culture of Vance, or is known for their air Nike cushion running shoes ... ... In the sports sector, expertise in sports running shoes, basketball shoes. Football shoes, there are the perfect combination of sports and leisure shoes. Casual shoes, canvas shoes, and so on. To introduce today is nike air max 95 baratas   to maximize the shoe culture--classic a series of vans and Van Doren retro classic series, spring 2014 vans took us into the retro flavor of Van Doren family. Difference between running shoes and tennis shoes? such a problem is usually required from the difference between the two shoes use. First of all, tennis shoes are primarily intended to help players have better development nike free run 3 baratas  space, tennis is mainly require fast, flexible movement, active back and forth more often in tennis shoes, designed primarily in the forefoot, tennis shoes of the forefoot in General would be heavy on both sides, mainly increasing the abrasion resistance of tennis shoes. Tennis shoes compared to running shoes would be more thick, running shoes needed to be fast, light weight, ease the burden for athletes. Earthquake in design, breathable, lightweight materials.

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