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With 11 championship rings in their coach capacity, Jackson has led many to believe that he is the greatest coach in NBA history. Phil Jackson coached two of the greatest teams in NBA history – is Michael Jordan-led Chicago Bulls, one is sand Quayle Shaq led Los Angeles Lakers.

As a member of Jackson's generals, as bystanders who witnessed Jackson scored 11 Championship, Holly thinks Jackson's most successful is, in the case of teams unable to get his command, was able to beat nemesis, which proves that Jackson had passed the knowledge on   discount nike air force 180   weekdays has instilled in his players. The intuitive examples are found in the hands of the Lakers and Kings Cross. The peak of the Kings and the Lakers battle, the crowd picked up the cow Bell crazy shaking, loud noise.

"I think coach Phil Jackson's greatest moments as a coach now and playing King of hearts, King of Sacramento, was known as" cow Bell town ", they like to roll cow Bell, especially loud noises," Hawley said, "coach Phil Jackson tried to yell to command, but we never hear him say a single word, so we have to rely on intuition to play. I think he's the best thing about his knowledge of the triangle offense has instilled in all of us. "In the age of Jackson to coach Shaq,  nike kd 6 cheap   the Lakers almost invincible, only kings and blazers will give them some trouble. Even if he later left the Lakers, and the Lakers still enjoying Jackson's coattails. There is no doubt that Jackson is one of the most powerful coach in NBA history, and his miracles will stand the test of time.

NBA star player George Hill 6th Xiangyang, appearing in 24 stadiums, for participation in "pick Cup" 3V3 players played professional basketball skills for the quarter. In warm cheers of the audience, Hill and fans started three points more flying Dunks by surprise four-seater. "The Greek Cypriot chefs" cooking fried rice with soy sauce, first came to Xiangyang, meals are not provided by the hotel comfort, borrowed the Hill to the hotel kitchen, the embodiment of "the Greek Cypriot chefs" for herself and accompanied by cooking food – fried rice with soy sauce. Tasters said Hill's culinary professional, even next to the hotel chefs praise "practiced". This nickname is "bite of the Olympic star's trip to China."

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