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anime is considered the industrial upgrading of a shortcut

 clothing Chamber of Commerce gala dress limited company Chairman, the main industry in high-end men's clothing manufacture. Dress business casual sexual difference of sex and anime 108,000 miles, but the entire Forum, Zheng Chen my love to listen very carefully. Dress manufacture who led the community in thinking about how butt cartoon at the same time, to make a point--the docking channels to remain open.Wenzhou, nike air max direct running shoes   Zheng Chen love out of most business owners agree. Integration with the anime is considered the industrial upgrading of a shortcut, but how to dock, docking bothers a lot of people. "Hundreds of millions of dollars in licensing fees, many small businesses cannot afford. These would need to have a perfect intermediary mechanism to help small and micro enterprises to solve the problem. ”In Wenzhou, is about children and gives birth to a giant City-dream town a lot, the children town by semir investment, will be completed next month. According to Zhao Xiaobo, head of the project's introduction, the project includes occupational

 experience, the fashion department store, education, training, recreation and other child-related sectors, to do with children's favorite cartoon. In fact, last year semir anime show happy dream a lot of investment has hit CCTV children's channel.Zhao Xiaobo said that, in the present, Wenzhou anime development requires the integration of resources. According to some estimates, dream a lot of small towns will have 300,000 passengers a year, Wenzhou enterprises would dream a lot of small towns as a pilot, test products in a dream a lot, nike air max classic bw white   rather than blindly promote many good results. In addition, semir clothes already is the first big brand for its Balla Balla, purchases of promotional items and gifts of the year reached 260 million dollars. Wenzhou related anime and creative products, semir Wenzhou enterprise can work together to seek common development.At the Forum site, Northern Territory (Beijing) technology incubator company President Qin Chao also provides a sales channel, Wenzhou light industry products and docking after

 the anime, can have a large child care agencies, through the choice of child care, to evaluate the effectiveness of products. As we all know, has a knack of doing everything, good use of skills to achieve a multiplier effect. As a sales person, if you can't learn to work around, it is difficult to effectively guide the customer and the purpose. Qiao Shutong shoes in order to enhance the franchisee's marketing capabilities, creating forward-qiaoshubaomu services, provide complete training system for all franchisees, and joining professional guide, managers store systematically guiding marketers, helping them master product and market to guide customers to buy. Following are a few brief Qiao Shutong shoes on sales techniques.1, skill, and fish in troubled waters: mean war in ancient times, wants to seize the enemy's kechengzhixi, and I took the opportunity to act, so mess up my meaning, I would take advantage of it.To fish in troubled waters in the sales process, just ask the salesperson to take the initiative, guidance or help customers

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